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Popular Fintech Companies in France

The French market is booming with fintech companies and there is a lot of competition particularly within the crowdfunding sector. The largest fintech segment in the country is digital payments, with a transaction value that is predicted to reach $88 billion in 2016. This list of popular fintech companies in France will give you an overview of the fintech sector in the country:

  1. Younited Credit

Younited Credit is one of the biggest fintech start-ups in France, operating peer-to-peer lending platform recognized by the French central bank.  The company allows institutional investors and private individuals to lend money to borrowers directly via a secured bond marketplace. So far, the company has managed more than €347 million in loans. Founded in 2009, the company is presently working on its European expansion.

  1. Lendix

Lendix is an online marketplace for business loans, allowing investors to advance money directly to SMEs. Launched in 2004, the company has enabled business to raise over €26 million worth of loans. After acquiring Finsquare, one of its competitor, in April, the company raised US$13.5 million from Decaux Frères Investissements, Weber Investissement, Sycomore Factory, Partech Ventures, Zencap AM, Matmut and CNP Assurances to become one the top lending platforms in Europe.

  1. Ulule

Ulule is a leading crowdfunding site created by Thomas Boucherot and Alexander in 2010. Since its launch, the company has funded thousands of projects in many fields, from music creation to audiovisual. In September this year, the company did a fundraising of €5 million from the MAIF,  BNP Paribas , and Citizen Capital investment fund.

  1. Kisskissbankbank

Founded by Ombline Lasseur, Adrien Aumont and Vincent Ricordeau in 2009, Kisskissbankbank provides a crowdfunding platform for athletes, humanists, and creatives to raise funds for their projects. Between 2010 and  2014, over 9300 projects were presented on the company which about 54 percent have reached their financial goal.

  1. SmartAngels

Created in 2012, SmartAngels is a crowdfunding platform that allows retail investors and professionals to fund start-ups and SMEs. With over 15,000 members who funded 25 start-ups for over €15 million collected, the company is now live investment leading platform

  1. MyMajorCompany

Founded in 2007, MyMajorCompany allows music fans and internet users to invest in their preferred artists’ projects. During its first year, the company raised one million Euros for artists. In 2012, the company expanded its business model to include entrepreneurship, arts, video games, publishing, and cinema.

  1. Ledger

Ledger is a start-up that combines its strong expertise in smart card, cryptography, security,  and embedded hardware. The launch of a hardware wallet, Ledger Nano, in over  80 countries established the company as a reference in the global bitcoin ecosystem. The company provides bitcoin wallets Ledger Nano, Ledger Blue and Ledger HW.1.

  1. Paymium

Founded in 2011, Paymium is a European web-based exchange that allows all bitcoin transactions between traders and consumers. In compliance with European regulations, the company offers secure, reliable and high-performance trading platform. Paymium is the first Bitcoin Marketplace that is fully integrated with a Payment Institution.

  1. PayPlug

Founded in 2012 by Camille Tyan and Antoine Grimaud, PayPlug is  the first service in France to allow small merchants and professionals to accept credit card payments with simple tools, no monthly costs, and signup fee.

  1. Fundovino

Fundovino is the first crowdfunding platform devoted to the world of wine. To support vine development in the world, the company presents backers to projects holders in need of monetary backing.

  1. Weeleo

Weeleo is a P2P platform that enables the exchange of cash currencies. It acts as the currency exchange tool that links travellers  who want money with others who want to sell, thus allowing them to save money. Weeleo is the first peer-to-peer company to exchange cash currencies.

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