Play to Earn Gaming Metaverse and NFT: Interview with Igor Płusa, the CMO of Game Lounge

Play to Earn Gaming Metaverse and NFT

On Gamelounge you can acquire your own NFT-backed Lounge, Invite and impress your friends to play and earn while making yourself at Home in the Metaverse. The CMO Igor Płusa will be sharing more details with us in this interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Igor Płusa and I am one of the creators of the Game Lounge concept. I am the CMO of the project, responsible not only for marketing but also for all the partnerships and relations. 

I have spent my whole professional career as a marketing and sales manager. In the meantime I also took interest in blockchain – at first passively studying and then I became a small time investor. Looking to expand my knowledge at all times together with few friends (with whom later on we developed the Game Lounge) we started building a community and educating people about blockchain. This is when the crazy pet begun – in a matter of few months I have become an advisor for few projects and then started my first project – Game Lounge.

What is Game Lounge?

It is so many things! And yet we try to keep our focus very narrow.

To put it in as simple terms as possible we can say that this is your own personal metaverse. We favour the personality of the metaverse inhabitants over any other aspect – we want to give everyone the possibility to express themselves in those new virtual worlds.

To this end we have decided to create a closed-space metaverse in which everyone will be able to obtain their own personal “Lounge” and customise it in every possible way. You can do basically anything – starting from choosing the general room theme (fantasy, cyberpunk, retro and many more to come) through customising accessories and NFT displays up to deciding what kind of sofa you want in your room.

After you are finally satisfied with your Lounge design you can start inviting your friends over. You can try to impress them with your NFT collection on the displays or play some games with them. 

What are the major and unique gaming features Game Lounge provides?

We are creating not just a game but an immersive metaverse experience for the players. Instead of creating gigantic open-worlds that require the player to roam around for hours – you can just login for 30 minutes to play a game of pool with your friend on the other end of the world.

This is the main differentiating factor – we choose quality over quantity and personality over masses. Thanks to this approach you can feel in our metaverse at home, as opposed to rushing around some virtual representations of cities or lands.

What is the technology behind Game Lounge, tell us more about this and how it works?

We are very proud to be using one of the most advanced gaming engines available out of these: Unreal Engine 5. It offers us unique tools that allow us to create a real lifelike experience within the metaverse.

We chose to go with photorealistic graphics so that the users can experience real immersion.

Besides that, we are of course incorporating everything that blockchain has to offer in order to make the metaverse work: smart contracts, NFTs, decentralized marketplaces. 

What is the market size of NFT and Metaverse gaming industry, what does the future hold for this industry?

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced Meta the market size has been growing exponentially. I am positive that we will see incredible growth of this segment of the market in the coming years but right now I think we can expect some slowing down. Different metaverses are popping around every now and then and the market is full of projects that in my opinion will not survive the next two years. So we can expect a small shake-off to get rid off some of the “hype projects” that claim to be metaverses but in reality are just a variant of an MMO game. After that when the market consolidates we will be able to see the real growth of the market. 

What specific problems are solving with the Gamelounge Metaverse, what makes it different from other gaming platforms?

We have a quite unique approach to the idea of metaverse – instead of trying to re-create the real-life cities we went for much more narrow focus: create smaller personal spaces for the users.

One of the main problems that we have identified with most of the other metaverse projects is their complexity and focus on gaming. Most of them are targeting gamers as their audience but in our opinion it limits the user base too much. 

Who in fact should be the target of metaverse industry, gamers? Not really. If we want to reach global adoption and make the concept of metaverse work this time we must reach as wide audience as possible – casual people.

In our opinion to do it is to simplify the concept as much as possible and give the people the possibility to casually login to the metaverse and spend some cool time with their friend. Gamers don’t need a metaverse – they are already exploring many exciting virtual worlds. This is why we need to create a simple metaverse accessible for the masses, not only for pro gamers.

Could you give us a walkthrough of the play and earn features of Game Lounge, how does it work and what are the benefits?

This is one of the most exciting parts of the game for us as it gives us so many possibilities! First of all let me tell you more about the type of games that we are going to have.

Since it is a Lounge it makes sense to include games that offer a social interaction similar to real life experience. This is why we are focusing on bar and board games mainly – you will be able to play pool, darts, chess and in future – different card games. We want to target casual players so we decided to focus on simple and popular games that everyone knows. To create more diversity we have also decided to introduce some arcade games that will include different kind of games that you may know from those retro gaming clubs.

So there it is – we can divide the games into three main categories: bar, board and arcade. Depending on the category we will be employing different types of P2E mechanisms. For example, in the arcade games it will be based on you high score – the more points you score in a game the more $GLT you will earn. It is completely different for bar or board games where it would be difficult to implement a similar mechanism. That is why we will be introducing tournaments and leaderboards – the higher you rank the better reward you will get. There are also two kinds of rewards: you can either win some $GLT or an unique NFT that will be only available in a specified tournament or leaderboard season.

Tell us more about the available opportunities for partners and investors on Game Lounge, what are the benefits and how does it work?

One of the main components of the Game Lounge are what we call “the public lounges”. These will be huge places owned not by players but by different projects, companies, influencers etc. We will be creating bespoke lounges for our business partners to specifically suit their needs – you can think of unique features found only in some lounges. One of our partners works on bringing NFTs of luxury clothing into the metaverse and we will be creating a kind of showroom for them where they can display the upcoming collections.

The possibilities are only limited by our creativity and this is the beauty of it. Although they are called “lounges” they can also have completely different characteristics depending on their use-case. We are preparing different kinds of galleries, interview rooms, showrooms – we can easily adjust and rearrange the space to fit the requirements of each business partners. 

Who are the brains behind this project and how has the Game Lounge gaming community responded to this project. Any success stories to share with us?

Being where we are right now is already a success story for me! There are five people behind the Game Lounge idea, all members of the core team. We are a group of long-time real life friends. For many years we have been blockchain enthusiasts active on the market in many different ways. When we met we have often discussed different aspects of the cryptocurrency market, what is happening and also what is missing – while playing with different ideas we have actually came up with the idea of Game Lounge. This was also the moment when we realized that although we come from different professional backgrounds, when combined we collectively have a set of skills that lets us work on a metaverse project.

This is when we started thinking about this more seriously, going into more details of the projects, exploring more and more ideas, building the rest of the team… And here we are now. Building our own unique metaverse!

What are you currently working on and what is next on your roadmap. Do you have more information for our readers today?

The development of the Game Lounge is going well, we have managed to release the game demo on time and now we are working on it further. Right now our full focus is on two things – different the first components of our NFT marketplace and Lounge minting system and the token launch itself. We are targeting April for both of these – so you can expect our initial NFT offering happening in the month of April soon to be followed by an actual token launch. 

After that our main goal is to deliver the first multiplayer accessible version of Game Lounge and this is something that we want to happen by the end of Q2.

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