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Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia with Family

Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia with Family

As you might already know,l recently, Saudi Arabia didn’t allow tourists in the region. The Kingdom is known for the pilgrimage sites of the Muslims, and only religious tourists were allowed here. Saudi Arabia promotes all kinds of tourism, which has intrigued many travellers. It is also a much-anticipated family holiday destination. There are countless places to visit in Saudi Arabia with family, giving you the most memorable family holidays.

This region has everything from mesmerising golden sands and towering skyscrapers to ancient historical sites and luxurious malls. You must also explore the most vibrant Arabic culture seen in the region. Don’t forget about the delicious cuisine and hospitable locals. So, you will have the most fun-packed family holidays in the area, offering something for people of all ages.

Let’s discuss some places you must visit in the Kingdom with your family.

Best Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia with Family

1. Makkah and Madinah

If you have booked Umrah packages from London and you are travelling to KSA with your family, it is evident that you will visit Makkah and Madinah. These are the two cities that every Muslim wants to visit for spiritual revival. They house the holiest sites in Islam, which makes them very close to the hearts of Muslims.

After performing your Umrah, you can take your time and explore these two cities. You will find numerous religious and historical sites here, making you feel closer to your religion.

2. Al Ula

If you want to get the whole Saudi tourism experience with your family, you must take advantage of the glorious experience. It is among the most anticipated sites of the Kingdom. You find remnants of an ancient civilisation at the site. Al Ula justifies its title as the living museum from well-preserved tombs and antique monuments.

There is also a Winter Park in the region, which offers countless activities to visitors. You will get the whole Saudi experience here with festivals, hot air balloon rides, events, and other activities. Therefore, you and your family will have an unforgettable time at Al Ula.

3. Al Masmak Fort

Al Masmak Fort, Riyadh, is a remarkable historical place that gives you an insight into the rich cultural heritage of the Kingdom. This stunning fort is made of mud bricks and clay, providing a unique ancient appearance. Moreover, the luxurious interior of the fort represents the lifestyle of the past rulers who ruled the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can see the lifestyle of rulers in various artefacts that you will see inside the fort.

You will find a mosque and a spectacular throne room with stunning interiors inside this fort. It is a great place to visit with your family because it lets you learn much about the Kingdom’s history.

4. Half Moon Beach

Does your family never miss out on any chance of having a relaxing beach day? If so, you must visit Half Moon Beach in Saudi Arabia during family holidays. It is undoubtedly the most glorious beach in the region. The beach gets its name because it is shaped like a half-crescent. This stunning beach is about crystal clear waters and inviting white sandy beaches.

You can lie at the beach and soak up as much sun as possible. Moreover, if you love to indulge in various thrilling water sports with your family, this might be the perfect chance for you to do so. You can end the perfect beach day with a delicious and fulfilling barbeque meal at one of the luxurious resorts by Half Moon Beach.

5. Aseer National Park

Aseer National Park is the first national park in the Kingdom. It is unmatched in its scenic beauty and awe-inspiring nature. This stunning park has around 300 rare wilds with lush greens and diverse flora. This park is also at a height of 10,522 feet, giving it a more magnificent appearance and pleasant weather conditions.

You can trek and hike at this stunning park with your kids. A day in nature is essential for any holiday. So, make sure you visit Aseer National Park to refresh your mind and soul while exploring the diverse flora and wildlife at the site.

Final Words

Have you got your Umrah 2024 package from the UK and are travelling to KSA with your family? If so, you should start planning your time in the region. If you want to explore Saudi Arabia’s tourist sites after performing the pilgrimage, you must know about the places to visit in Saudi Arabia with your family.

So, make sure that you go through this comprehensive guide and add all these places to your must-visit places list. But you must know that the list continues. There are a lot more historical, cultural, and natural sites that you can visit in Saudi Arabia with your family.

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