Phuture Finance Co-founder Oliver Mehr on How Crypto Indices Can Change the Defi Space

Co-founder and Head of Product of innovative indexing protocol talk about how Phuture Finance can change the crypto industry.

Phuture Finance is a decentralized platform designed to allow users to invest and create crypto indices. It uses an “aggregated design” to achieve a scalable protocol that can rebalance multiple indices at once. 

We caught up with co-founder and Head of Product Oliver Mehr to get his opinion on what makes these indices so important.

The Way of the Phuture

Phuture Finance was started with the belief that asset allocation towards crypto indices would expand exponentially in the next few years. While other forms of investing in crypto take an active role, index investing is a passive investing technique.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is a massive growth sector. It is this technology that has allowed Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto tokens to operate securely. Index investing will enable you to invest across a whole market and has proven to provide effective long-term ROI.

Oliver Mehr describes the system by saying, “The Phuture protocol introduces a unique, scalable, aggregated index architecture that allows it to rebalance across multiple indices simultaneously. Effectively, Phuture provides rebalancing as a service (RaaS), allowing users to define and create indexing strategies that are hosted and executed by the Phuture protocol.”

“An aggregated system has the advantage of amortizing rebalancing costs across more than one index and prorating the interest earned through yield optimizers. This creates an experience that is equitable across small and large indices”, says Oliver Mehr. 

The Phuture Finance Protocol

On 2nd August 2021, Phuture commenced its liquidity mining program through which users can increase the already considerable APR by owning a larger share of the liquidity pool, locking up their rewards for longer, or utilizing the referral scheme.

Phuture Finance’s protocol has the ability to change the landscape of passive investing, and that is exactly what the company plans to do. 

In the not-so-distant future, this index investment company wants to bring even the least crypto-savvy consumer into the market. The aim is to give them an easy-to-use UX that has cutting-edge blockchain technology behind it. 

Together with co-founders Alex Melnichuk and Charles Storry, Oliver Mehr is excited to deliver the Phuture protocol to the Ethereum mainnet in the coming months. The protocol combines asset optimization, flexible index design, and scalable rebalancing infrastructure to bring a brand new take to passive investing in crypto.

Just like Oliver Mehr, we can’t wait to see how they grow from here.

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