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Payment Gateway ZOKSH accepts LIMO Tokens for payments

One of the leading multi-currency multi-crypto payment gateways, ZOKSH has started accepting LIMO tokens, the native token of LIMOVERSE, for payments.  Merchants who are using ZOKSH payment gateway can now decide to accept LIMO tokens against their products and services. ZOKSH is the new name of the well-known payment gateway MOOPAY.  

With this arrangement, LIMO tokens will have much higher acceptance among various merchants who are using ZOKSH.  LIMO token is the first-ever digital token that is powering an entire wellness economy called  LIMOVERSE.  LIMO tokens are limited supply ERC 20 utility tokens operating on the BSC chain.  LIMO is expected to be listed with leading exchanges by the first quarter of 2023.  


LIMOVERSE is the first ever complete health and wellness ecosystem on blockchain built with Web 3.0 protocol.  Limoverse hosts health and wellness professionals and institutions and makes its products and services available to wellness seekers around the world.  LIMO is used as the token for powering all the transactions within this platform.  This is the first-ever aggregator ecosystem built on a decentralized protocol using blockchain technology.  In the Web3 space, this will be a revolution as normal aggregator models operating in the Web 2 protocol have many limitations like restrictions in cross-border transactions, high margins taken by the platform, always under the control of the aggregator, and more than anything else lack of data security.  All these issues are addressed by Limovesre, as it works on Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT).  


Limoverse is also building five different exciting projects on this platform where users are getting rewarded for staying healthy and fit.  The first project from the platform HEALTHFi is all set to launch after mass testing.  This is a powerful MoveandEarn (MovetoEarn) project where people can walk/jog/run after activating their app and earn points which could be converted into LIMO tokens.  The purchase of an NFT Sneaker is the entry point for this project. Move2Earn projects have gained the attention of the market with the success of projects like STEPN, SWEATCOIN, STEP, GENOPET, etc.  However, HealthFi project of Limoverse stands different from all the other Movetoearn projects because of the backup of the powerful wellness ecosystem built around it. In addition, Limoverse is allowing people to participate in the program free of cost also through their Trial NFT Sneakers.  


LIMOVERSE TECHNOLOGIES LLC is a Dubai-based start-up in the Web 3 world, which works with a mission to empower people to take charge of their own health and wellness.  Limoverse’s use cases are all quite innovative as all the projects and programs within Limoverse are targeted towards inspiring people to make permanent behavior changes so as to stay fit and healthy. 

LIMOVERSE app is available in the Playstore and expected to be in the Appstore by the first week of November.  



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