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Zoksh Pay wins Regional Pitch Event, Earns Spot in Startup World Cup Final in San Francisco

In a commendable stride forward, Zoksh Pay, a rising star in the payments and blockchain landscape, earned accolades at the World Blockchain Summit by clinching victory in the Startup World Cup’s regional pitch event. This achievement paves the way for their participation in the Startup World Cup finals slated to be held in San Francisco.

The World Blockchain Summit in Singapore stands as a significant juncture in the blockchain calendar. Over 2000 attendees, 50+ industry speakers, and participation from 200 institutional investors underline the event’s stature in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

During the summit, Zoksh’s booth resonated with an ethos of learning and collaboration. With interactive displays and live demos, attendees were given an insight into Zoksh’s offerings. The summit became a platform for Zoksh Pay to engage, learn, and collaborate, solidifying meaningful connections.

The Startup World Cup, celebrated annually, is a revered global startup competition. It offers budding entrepreneurs worldwide a chance to present their innovations and to connect with a diversified panel of judges and potential investors. The event, known for its inclusivity, brings together a spectrum of ideas and ventures from around the world, reflecting the dynamism of Silicon Valley.

Pegasus Tech Ventures, a respected venture capital firm rooted in Silicon Valley, stands behind the Startup World Cup. Their diversified portfolio, encompassing investments in numerous startups across varied sectors, speaks to their commitment to nurturing innovation. Their vision of supporting and cultivating potential innovations is evident through the opportunities they present at such competitions.

At the regional pitch event anchored by Pegasus Tech Ventures, Zoksh Pay humbly presented its non-custodial payment infrastructure layer, which is structured to support a myriad of currencies across multiple blockchains.

Amid a pool of dedicated and innovative blockchain enterprises, Zoksh’s efforts were recognized, allowing them the chance to participate in the Startup World Cup’s final round.

Ankur Grover, CEO of Zoksh Pay, reflected, “Being acknowledged at such a significant platform is truly motivating. This encourages us further in our journey to make crypto payment processes more accessible and to grow alongside other innovators.”

With this experience enriching their journey, Zoksh apy looks ahead with anticipation and commitment. As preparations for the final round in San Francisco begin, the industry watches with interest, ready to witness the contributions Zoksh Pay and its contemporaries bring.

About Zoksh Pay: An evolving entity in the blockchain domain, Zoksh Pay is dedicated to simplifying crypto payment adoption. Emphasizing a non-custodial setup and timely settlements, Zoksh Pay aims to grant businesses a nuanced control over their transactions. Zoksh’s platform, with its potential to manage a range of currencies across various blockchains, aspires to shape the digital payment solutions of tomorrow.

Zoksh is a non-custodial payment solution that enables businesses to accept over 1000 currencies across 16 blockchains. Zoksh supports major OnRamps to enable Fiat payments for Web3 products, along with Fiat settlements directly to the Merchant bank accounts. With no-code integration & non-custodial setup merchants get complete control of their funds. Zoksh offers the simplicity and convenience of a single platform to manage all your payments.


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