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Parth Kariya’s debut film ‘Idli Amma’ is on its way to become the pride of India.


The film has received an official selection at the European country’s prestigious film festival. This 23-minute Hindi film is one of the most unique and shortest biopic ever made, based on the life of K Kamalathal, an 85-year-old Indian woman affectionately known as ‘Idli Amma’, who is feeding Idlis to migrant workers and the needy for just 1 rupee. The film is Written and Directed by Parth kariya, starring Padma Shri Sarita Joshi (In and as ‘Idli Amma’) and Parth Kariya in lead roles.

Parth Kariya’s debut film has achieved a significant milestone by receiving an official selection at Sweden’s prestigious ‘Stockholm City film festival’. It’s a testament to the exceptional quality and universal appeal of Idli Amma’. Film’s festival journey will become the stepping stone towards the film’s wider release and the opportunity to reach the global audience.


A still from “Idli Amma”

Parth Kariya is a young multifaceted Indian Artist. ‘Idli Amma’ marks kariya’s debut as an Actor- Director- Writer. “It is more important for me than any award that people of my country and the world watch my film, I want to be a people’s artist. In that sense it is a prestigious moment to represent India globally”, Kariya said.

“To be honest, I was thinking of a fictional film on the selfless journey of a human being and coincidentally I came to know about K Kamalathal aka ‘Idli Amma’ that she has been selling homemade Idlis for just 1 rupee since last 25 years, it touched my heart and I have decided to make a film on her life”, added.

“After that I started researching on her life and prepared the final script of the film. Then I went to Tamil Nadu and I met her personally, I spent a lot of time with her and closely observed her routine life and had long talks with her. After taking official permission and blessings from her, we started working on the film”, he said.

‘Idli Amma’ is produced by Akshay Patel and Parth Kariya under the banner of ‘CineBicycle Productions’ owned by Parth Kariya. The film is co-produced by Niraj Bhatt and Rushi Kariya whereas Bunty Kher is the associate producer of the film. The people involved as key technicians are – Virendra K who did the cinematography and Ziaser Mohamedappa who edited the film. The music is composed by Mehul Surti and the sound designer is Rohit Pradhan.

Parth Kariya’s vision and storytelling prowess in ‘Idli Amma’ have resonated with audiences, leading to its selection at this film festival. The film’s engaging narrative, coupled with stellar performances from the cast, has captivated both critics and viewers alike.

The film’s statement reads – If one leads a self-centered life, he may not find the god even after searching for a lifetime. But when one begins to live selflessly for others, miracles happen, because then god is born inside the human: as god has chosen us to be a medium between him and the world to distribute what he sends and deliver what he desires. Idli Amma’s story proves this beautiful philosophy to be true.

Parth Kariya’s ‘Idli Amma’ is building momentum in the festival circuit and looks like it will definitely be able to make a mark at the big film festivals of the coming year.


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