5 Steps to Review a Movie

You really like cinema and want to give your opinion about the movies you see there. If your dream is to become a movie critic, you will like the tips we provide here. Or if the idea is to get other people’s reviews about a movie and want to know how it is done. There are five steps to analyzing a movie and writing a respected and in-depth review on the topic.

This type of analysis is also recommended for students to practice their essays and critical texts. Is there a better way to do this than watching movies?

Below, you will see information that you need to consider when analyzing a movie production and what you should include in your review or critique. We will also point you to a place where you can get OTT movie reviews if you don’t want to go through the stress of analyzing.

How to Analyze a Movie

Analyzing History

  • Think about the movie’s script: What is the story, the plot, and what is the dialogue like? Were you interested the whole time? Was the plot believable? Did you have all the information you needed to follow the story? Are the dialogues believable? Do the characters have a dramatic curve?
  • Analyze the back story: Was the Telegu movie made on a high or low budget? What kind of work have actors, producers, and directors done in the past?

Analyzing Performances

  • Identify whether the performances worked well or not: Did you believe in the characters? That’s not the same thing as liking the characters but believing they were real.
  • Are the characters well done? Do they look like real people? Did the actors have to change their bodies drastically?

Review the Elements

  • Examine the setting and environment: Does the setting fit the scene? Do the actions in the environment distract or steal your attention from the main scene? Is the environment believable or too fanciful?
  • Analyze the costumes and props: What are the characters wearing? How does the costume create the atmosphere of the scene? Are the costume changes important and notable? How do objects fit into the scene? Were they helpful or very annoying?
  • Are the costumes appropriate? Or are they too flashy? (Use this item only when necessary, like in a period drama, for example.)
  • Notice how the music fits: Does it steal the attention, or is it very soft in the scene? How does music help the story evolve?

Analyzing Filming Techniques

  • Analyze camera techniques: What types of framing are used? Why were they used, and what impact did this have on the Telugu movie? What types of camera shots are used?
  • Examine the pacing and organization: Does the movie flow well, or is it too choppy? Is it very fast? Too slow? Does the movie follow any order, or is it confusing?

Assembling your Critique

  • Start with the introduction: Talk about the background of the movie, expectations, the actors and moviemakers involved, etc.
  • Include a brief but useful plot summary; just be careful not to tell the ending. Don’t tell important parts and don’t give too many details.
  • Discuss the different parts highlighted above.
  • Try to connect your conclusion with your introduction: Did the movie meet expectations? What is your general opinion? Use your opinion based on good analysis and facts. Obviously, this is your criticism, so make your point of view clear, intellectually speaking. You can give a rating on a scale of one to ten. Make everything very clear.

Tips for Doing a Movie Analysis

  • Do something interesting without leaving information aside.
  • Watch the movie, allowing time for the information to be absorbed before writing everything down immediately. You might notice something you hadn’t seen before, and that could completely change your outlook.
  • You’ll probably have to watch the movie a few times to notice all the details.
  • Talk about the bad things and the good, or at least try to.
  • While watching the movie, take notes.


These tips above are what we use in reviewing all new Telugu movies on M9News. It’s relatively easy, but it can only be time-consuming. So, if you aim to be a movie critic, start doing this movie analysis exercise, and in a short time, you will see the cinema with different eyes. Either way, if you need OTT reviews, it’s best to save time and get them faster at M9News.

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