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Part-time Entertainment Jobs in Korea

Do you wish to get an entertainment job in Korea but don’t know how?

You are not alone; people from all over the world want to relocate there for a variety of reasons, including job opportunities.

South Korea is well-known for its vibrant entertainment sector, which includes K-pop, K-dramas, variety programs, movies and many more. These individual industries have carved a niche audience for themselves both locally and internationally, that flood the cities to partake in the booming and bustling culture, an interesting of such sub-industry is the karaoke industry with lots of karaoke part-time jobs, there are many others like those related to the ever popular K-pop industry.

People interested in part-time work in this booming area will find numerous and diverse alternatives. The 

This post will tell you everything you need to know about part-time entertainment jobs in Korea for foreigners.

So, let’s dive right in! 

Job prospects in Korea

Korea is one of Asia’s most promising economies. Korea’s job market is massive and evolving as large corporations continue to expand and new firms emerge.

Koreans are increasingly finding it tough to enter the Korean labor market. Instead, they seek jobs in countries such as China, Japan, Europe, and the United States.

People who speak languages other than Korean are becoming increasingly in demand. That is why foreigners are more welcome in the employment market.

Before diving in, keep a few things in mind.

Koreans are native speakers who understand their culture better than foreigners. Thus, they will always have an advantage. So, rather than competing with Koreans, focus on jobs where you can outperform them.

Find a niche and work where your skills and experience can benefit the organization.

For example, a German will perform better for a Korean corporation dealing with a German-speaking region.

You will be more valued as a foreigner if your skills are in short supply in Korea. Alternatively, your job may require you to communicate with worldwide clients, particularly those from your own country.

As an ex-pat in Korea, you are more likely to find work than native Korean residents due to the high level of competition.

We may primarily relate this to how the country’s image in the global context evolves and grows. As a result, the number of foreign businesses and relationships grows tremendously.

You can see the potential after you have some basic Korean language skills. You can utilize Korean learning apps such as Lingapp.

You can take the TOPIK exam. You also obtain a job in South Korea to bring diversity, contribute to, and strengthen these ties.

Having said that, let’s discuss the types of part-time entertainment jobs available in Korea

Types of Part-time Entertainment Jobs

  1. Background Actor (Extra)

Background Actor: Background actors, sometimes known as extras, are crucial in film and television productions. 

They work in the background to create real situations in dramas, films, and commercials. This part does not require any prior acting expertise, making it accessible to a wide range of people.

2. English Teacher for Actors 

The Korean entertainment industry’s globalization has created an important need for actors to learn English. 

Part-time English teaching positions designed exclusively for actors or entertainment workers are becoming more common.

These positions often necessitate a strong command of English and some teaching experience.

3. Dance and Music Instructors 

Dance and music are extremely important in the entertainment industry, notably in the K-pop sector.

art-time opportunities as dance or music instructors are available for persons with extensive experience in these industries. 

Instructors might work with aspiring idols or provide general training to the public.

4. Part-Time Modeling Jobs Abound in Korea. 

These can include picture shoots for periodicals, online retailers, and fashion labels, as well as event promotional modeling. 

While modeling experience is beneficial, new models can also find employment, particularly if they have the correct look and attitude.

Many entertainment events, such as concerts, fan meetups, and promotional events, require part-time labor in a variety of positions. 

Ushering, ticketing, crowd management, and assisting with overall event planning are all possible options. 

Event staff positions sometimes require outstanding organizational abilities and the ability to manage large crowds.

Many part-time entertainment jobs in Korea are not listed here. However, the key is that part-time entertainment jobs are meant to be convenient and/or entertaining for the client and the service provider.  

Benefits of working in South Korea

Korean culture places a strong premium on human relationships and welfare. As a result, Koreans place a high value on human capital and invest heavily in its development and maintenance.

This means you’d earn excellent perks as a member of the Korean workforce.

The benefits provided would vary from one organization to the next. However, you can be confident that your life as an employee in South Korea will be full of opportunities.

Self-improvement is an excellent value in South Korea.

As a result, you may expect the organization to provide courses, workshops, and other resources to help you improve and become more proficient in your industry.

Most Korean groups, big and small, provide lunch in some way or another. In addition, many well-known firms offer an on-site restaurant or cafeteria that serves a variety of lunch options.

The finer the cuisine, the larger the company and it doesn’t stop with lunch; some corporations will even give breakfast and supper.

Korea’s social security system helps fund the national health insurance system. So, as a registered South Korean resident, you can participate in the public health insurance system despite being a foreigner.

South Korean jobs offer numerous incentives and reasons!

Where can I Look for Part-Time Entertainment Jobs in Korea?

The easiest way is to check for online job advertisements that organizations have uploaded. Some popular websites are Job Korea, Saramin, Global Korea Center, People N Job, LinkedIn, Work-Net, Craigslist, and others.

If you intend to apply for an English teacher position as an actor, you can look at ESL-specific websites, mediation agencies, and job boards.

Examples include Dave’s ESL Cafe, Korvia, Gone2Korea, CIEE, English Work, Teach Away, Footprints, Reach to Teach, Teach ESL, Hands Korea, Work N Play, and more.

In addition, English newspapers such as The Korea Times, The Korea Herald, and The Seoul Times advertise job openings.


The Korean entertainment industry provides a plethora of part-time career options for those prepared to negotiate its competitive environment.

There are many roles to suit different abilities and hobbies, including acting, modeling, teaching, and event staffing. 

Success in obtaining these positions is frequently dependent on a combination of applicable abilities, experience, networking, and perseverance. 

By preparing adequately, and knowing industry dynamics, you might find lucrative part-time work in Korea’s successful entertainment industry.

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