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Param Labs’ “EVA & NATE” collection is GameStopNFT’s #1 collection in trading volume for the month of September

“EVA & NATE,”  an art collection created in collaboration between Param Labs, GameStop, and Antoni Tudisco, has become GameStopNFT’s number-one collection in terms of trading volume for the month of September. The ranking was achieved just three days after the September 23rd launch of “EVA & NATE”, in which the initial minting of the collection sold out within 24 hours.

“EVA & NATE” is the first product of an official partnership between Param Labs and Gamestop. Param Labs is also the developer of the upcoming Kiraverse game, and it’s rumored that the characters “EVA & NATE ” could one day become in-game avatars in the Kiraverse, joining the other major collections already integrated in-game. 

The performance of “EVA & NATE” under current bear market conditions point to the level of anticipation that the growing Param Labs community has towards the Kiraverse game. Kiraverse is currently accepting signups for its alpha version at, so register there to stay in the loop.

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