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7 Top Performing Stocks for Q2 2024, Including Late Entry GameStop

Best stocks: Performance Q2 2024 including GameStop

Q2 2024 has witnessed a remarkable performance from several key stocks, demonstrating both resilience and impressive growth amidst a backdrop of economic uncertainties. This period has been marked by strategic innovations, strong financial results, and investor confidence driving the market forward. Against all odds, defense stocks were not the biggest winners, but names like GameStop and Bright Mountain Media rose to fame. 

Companies across various sectors have shown their ability to adapt and thrive, delivering substantial returns to their shareholders. Here’s a detailed look at the top performers this quarter, highlighting their significant achievements and the factors contributing to their success.


1. Bright Mountain Media, Inc. (BMTM)

Performance: +101.97%

Bright Mountain Media, Inc. has had an outstanding Q2 2024, with a remarkable increase in its stock price. The company, a global holding entity with investments in digital publishing, advertising technology, consumer insights, and creative media services, announced significant financial results for Q1 2024.

  • Revenue: Increased by $10.9 million to $12.4 million compared to $1.5 million for Q1 2023.
  • Gross Margin: Increased by $2.6 million to $3.1 million compared to $528,000 for Q1 2023.
  • Advertising Technology Revenue: Approximately $2.6 million.
  • Consumer Insights Revenue: Approximately $6.7 million.

CEO Matt Drinkwater attributed the success to the integration of new businesses and the strategic focus on leveraging data assets from their market research division to drive growth. This integration, combined with cost reduction efforts, has positioned Bright Mountain Media to continue expanding its advertising services and delivering high returns on advertising spend.

2. Bombardier (BBD.B)

Sector: Industrials, Industry: Aerospace & Defense

Performance: +46.3%

Bombardier saw significant gains, rising 46.3% in May and 70.5% for the year. Despite economic pressures, the company’s focus on its core aerospace operations and successful execution of strategic initiatives has driven this performance.

3. Brookfield Corporation (BEPC)

Sector: Utilities, Industry: Utilities – Renewable

Performance: +35.9%

Brookfield Corporation experienced a 35.9% rise in stock value. While the shares are relatively flat from a year ago, the company’s investments in renewable energy and utility sectors have positioned it well for growth amidst a global shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

4. Kinross Gold (K)

Sector: Basic Materials, Industry: Gold

Performance: +25.1%

Kinross Gold climbed 25.1% in Q2, bringing its year-over-year growth to 76.6%. The company’s strong performance can be attributed to rising gold prices and effective cost management strategies, enhancing profitability despite market fluctuations.

5. Cameco (CCO)

Sector: Energy, Industry: Uranium

Performance: +20.4%

Cameco advanced 20.4% this quarter, doubling its value from the previous year. The increasing global demand for uranium, driven by a resurgence in nuclear energy investments, has significantly boosted Cameco’s market position and stock performance.

6. Pan American Silver (PAAS)

Sector: Basic Materials, Industry: Gold

Performance: +18.7%

Pan American Silver surged 18.7% in Q2, with a 48.8% rise over the past year. The company’s growth reflects the robust performance of the precious metals market and strategic acquisitions that have expanded its production capacity and market reach.

7. GameStop Corp. (GME)

Performance: +28.29%

GameStop is perhaps not a pump and dump scheme as many speculated. This is because of an innovative business model underpinned by real physical locations and a clever distribution network. Shares surged more than 30% in late Q2 2024 following a post by retail investor Keith Gill, known as “Roaring Kitty” on social media platforms. The post showcased a substantial holding of 5 million GameStop shares and $65.7 million worth of call options, signaling strong bullish sentiment.

  • Impact of “Roaring Kitty”: The screenshot shared by Gill sparked a buying frenzy among Reddit users and other retail investors, reminiscent of the 2021 surge.
  • Stock Movement: GameStop’s stock jumped from $23.13 to $29.64 following the post.
  • Investor Sentiment: GameStop co-founder Gary Kusin highlighted the strong relationship between the company and its fans, who continue to support the stock despite arguments about its overvaluation.

This late surge shows GameStop’s volatile yet dynamic presence in the market, driven by a loyal and active retail investor base.


The top-performing stocks for Q2 2024 illustrate the diverse opportunities in the current market, with companies across various sectors demonstrating resilience and strategic growth. Investors have seen substantial returns from companies like Bright Mountain Media, Inc., Bombardier, and Brookfield Corporation, showcasing the potential for strong financial performance even in challenging economic conditions. There is no doubt that Gamestop made it to the list thanks to roaring kitty and the subsequent response of speculative traders. 

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