Paiblock Now Offers In-app Banking Services for US And Canada


Due to banking issues faced by people in the current COVID-19 outbreak, Paiblock has opened up its in-app banking services to the citizens of the United States and Canada.

In-App Banking

Paiblock now allows US and Canadian residents to access all of their accounts, whether checking, saving or even mortgage, spread across different banks, using a single point that is Paiblock. The app holders can also open bank accounts, get loans, view their banking history, send and receive money.

CEO and Founder of Paiblock, Mark Arthur, explained why the In-app Banking Service is the best way to go about managing one’s finances,

“Providing extended coverage for in-app banking is an integral part of Paiblock digital response to COVID-19 outbreak. Consumers that were relying on ATMs for balance inquiry and transaction history on the go, have been left without a safe and reliable alternative to ATM access.” and “Extending in-app banking to US and Canadian banks will allow Paiblock users to display all of their accounts with multiple banks from different cities and states in one secure place, giving them a better overview of their finances.”

Users of the In-app Banking have the option to select from a broad variety of services packages. The free version lets a user control a single bank account with the ability to check account balance, while the top of the line Elite package gives multiple bank accounts, wire transfers, advanced analytics, real time credit score and even a personal assistant.

The Paiblock also analyses the spending habits of the users and the matching engine can offer new or alternate banking services, such as savings accounts, better mortgages and the perfect credit card, that are economical and best suited for the users lifestyle.

The In-app Banking Service derives its effectiveness from four distinct pillars:

  • Personalized Experience: By creating a custom experience that is crafted and unique for each individual, users get to experience what they really desire.
  • Robust and Secure: Using the latest in security technologies, the assets and banking information of users are safe and secure.
  • Easy to Use: Paiblock’s user interface is designed to be easy, even for the uninitiated.
  • User Engagement: At each step of the way, Paiblock engages users. Unlike other apps that make users find cumbersome or boring, Paiblock gives them a reason to user the In-app Banking Service. Connecting All Your Digital Life in One Place

The newly launched In-App Banking Service by Paiblock fits seamlessly with its other services. As an app that offers alternatives to the real world and connects a user’s digital existence in one location, it comes with a number of features:

  • Payment Cards: Store digital versions of your debit and payment cards. No need of carrying around different cards. Use the Paiblock app to pay for your groceries or even buy that new dress you always wanted.
  • Loyalty Cards: Tired of carrying so many different loyalty cards and keeping track of all the points? Paiblock manages all of your loyalty cards in one place.
  • Government Issued Documents: Never forget your ID card or driver’s licence at home with Paiblock. Show them wherever needed and enjoy the digital lifestyle.
  • Travelling: From your tickets to boarding passes, Paiblock gets you wherever you travel. You can even save your passport to travel to your dream destination without worrying on misplacing it.
  • Receipts: Purchase anything you want with Paiblock and store the receipts. Never worry about keeping a financial record or saving small pieces of paper for exchange or returning items. 

About Paiblock

Paiblock is a blockchain powered, Danish based all financial service provider that has the perfect blend of utility and ease of use to create a powerful application fully capable of connecting all the dots of a modern user’s life in a single interface.  The firm was established in 2011 to help consumers of the modern lifestyle collect all of their digital existence in one place.

With its ability to integrate different services such as  holding crypto and fiat and access to banking services, the developers have been careful to ensure that there is no violation of financial regulation. As such, Paiblock is fully compliant under the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

The In-app Banking Service is the perfect tool people can use to access and manage their banking and financial needs without a worry of going outside during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out Paiblock and signup today to have all your accounts and digital lifestyle in one place.

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