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Ooi Kee Liang Explains Property Development in Penang Island Malaysia

ooi kee liang explains property development in penang island malaysia

Penang Island is located right on the Malaysian Peninsula on the Strait of Malacca. It is a location known for many things, including a unique mixture of eastern cultures, a type of melting pot for the region. The area is also seeing a significant amount of property development, and that’s where Ooi Kee Liang, the founder of Ideal Property Group, has put his focus on.

His company is dedicated to building high-quality, inspiring properties, including residential and commercial projects, throughout the island. What’s more, his projects aim to provide quality at an affordable price, something the region has been desperate for over the last decades. In more than two decades of serving the region, Ooi Kee Liang has worked to create award-winning projects that have improved not just access to housing but the overall effectiveness and innovative design of eye-catching properties.

“Property development on Penang Island is our passion, and we’re working to build legacies here for the people that live here. That is important since much of the region hasn’t had access to the highest valued or highest quality property. Our goal from the start is to build properties and projects that offer a unique lifestyle experience and appreciate in value over time, building the overall value of the community,” shares Ooi Kee Liang.

Demand Is on the Rise in Penang Island

Having been referred to as the “Silicon Valley of the East,” property development in Penang Island has grown in recent years. There is no doubt the region is beautiful, and it is also one of the most valuable economic regions in the country. The manufacturing here is significant, including the presence of manufacturing facilities that produce products for over 300 multinational companies.

Because of the economic benefits present, Penang Island has attracted many people to it. While housing 20 years ago was basic and did not meet the needs of the more modern resident, organizations like Ideal Property Group stepped in to meet the growing demand in the region. Since then, the organization has worked to build high-value properties that are quite unique and valued compared to other Malaysian regions.

The region is critically important – as it is one of the largest producers of microchip technology. That type of technology is becoming more valuable as people move to more and more mobile devices. It has also put a strain on the region to provide homes for residents who are looking to improve their quality of life.

Changing the Quality of the Region’s Housing

Ooi Kee Liang and his company have worked to introduce the highest quality of properties in the region, adding not just beautiful communities that offer cultural and architectural influences but also properties with more modern elements. That includes the inclusion of sustainable features.

“When we create a project for our clients or the community as a whole, we focus on providing modern amenities, including the use of sustainable materials and methods, doing our part to support the environment along with the people that live here. Our projects have not always gone with the flow of what was common in the area, but being different has allowed us to help communities grow with valuable real estate projects unlike any other region,” shares Liang.

Many of the projects here offer more convenience and better connectivity. They better meet the accessibility needs of the residents as well. That is not to say these are simple or basic homes, but often lavish projects with high-end features throughout, a move away from inexpensive and inferior housing that left many families with limitations.

Penang Island as an Investment Opportunity

Penang Island has a demand for quality housing unlike other areas, and that has attracted many property developers to the region. Ooi Kee Liang has worked hard to support the growth of the region over the past decades. Creating positive changes in the region, especially the southwest district, has been the focus of the work of the Ideal Property Group and Ooi Kee Liang.

“In total, we have developed more than 25,000 residential and commercial units as a company, many of them right here in Penang Island, Malaysia. It is a testament to our passion for supporting the growth and modernization of this region,” shares the Penang Condo King, as Ooi Kee Liang is known in the region. There is a lot to be proud of here, and yet, the work to meet the needs of local residents and the growth of the city is not yet done.

Without a doubt, the region has seen a significant transformation in the real estate market, especially within the residential real estate market. The development of high-quality, well-built projects by the Ideal Property Group has fostered that growth and opportunity. There is still a significant amount of additional work to be done, and the region is primed for further investment opportunities.

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