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Ooi Kee Liang Discusses Sustainable and Affordable Housing in Malaysia and Singapore 

ooi kee liang discusses sustainable and affordable housing in malaysia and singapore

For many people living in Malaysia and Singapore, access to affordable real estate is a challenge. Lower salaries and inferior building codes have allowed many people to face challenges in finding homes that were fitting for their families. Over the last few years, a significant number of changes have occurred to help foster improvement, including the work of Ooi Kee Liang.

A Different Type of Housing Solution

Though housing in Malaysia and Singapore has long been sought, numerous housing schemes and previously used methods did not create the highly desirable homes that people wanted. The area has seen rising property prices over the last decades, which, paired with increasing costs in the cost of living in key areas, has made it hard for the average family to be able to afford a home.

“Providing people with the ability to own a home does not seem like something that should be special or unique, but in many areas of Singapore and Malaysia, owning a quality home, one that is safe for their family, is more challenging than in other areas of the country,” shares Ooi Kee Liang. Seeing the need for the building of both affordable and quality projects, Liang set out to do just that.

Building with Quality Materials and Processes

One of the most important changes brought into the picture by Liang was the ability to construct properties using best practices in the construction industry. Construction in these countries often faced risks of inferior construction and even highly dangerous situations due to a lack of oversight.

To improve the situation, it was necessary to bring in better quality materials that were considered more reliable and a healthier solution for residents. Added to that was the need to establish and follow industry standards to help safeguard the construction process. That included a focus on improving the overall construction processes used.

“It’s essential to create a safe home, a home that meets the needs of the whole family and can be relied on for many years. More so, these homes are built well so they can be passed down from one generation to the next with good upkeep and routine maintenance. That changes the life of people today in these areas, including some lower-income areas, and helps to establish a better outcome for the next generation as well,” shares Liang.

A Move to Sustainability

While providing people in Malaysia and Singapore with homes that are affordable and built with a reliable design is important, it is just as necessary for people to have a home that’s sustainable.

Sustainable housing is designed to last. It uses materials that are safe but also materials that are readily available, helping to keep costs lower. At the same time, these sustainable homes are able to meet the needs of generations to come because they are built to last. With climate changes continuing to occur and better access to utilities occurring, the ability to have a stable home that’s modern and built to last is incredibly valuable.

Meeting Market Demand

The housing market in Singapore, as well as Malaysia, is changing. While the cost of living is higher than just a few decades ago, more people are demanding a higher quality home, one that is sustainable, affordable, and built to be safe for their families. This demand for better housing is making an import on developers who are seeking out new solutions, environmentally friendly building methods, and better resources for materials.

“Creating sustainable and affordable housing in these communities is one of the biggest changes that need to happen in these countries. Everyone deserves a home, the privacy it offers, and the feeling of being safe it provides. While the local economics are changing and challenges exist, it has never been more important than right now to help support the development of better homes,” notes Liang.

The development of higher-quality homes works to support the needs of people, families, and future generations. These homes are a core component of improving the quality of life, the health of individuals, and the overall well-being of residents in all walks of life within these developing regions.

Ooi Kee Liang continues to be at the head of the industry, working to develop new solutions that couple the need for quality and competitive pricing. With unique perspectives and solutions, he continues to help foster the idea that people from all walks of life, including those with low to moderate incomes, deserve a home that’s safe to live in.

About Ooi Kee Liang

Ooi Kee Liang founded Ideal Property Group in 2001 with the goal of improving property development on Penang Island. The group worked to improve the property market of the island by developing not just high-quality condominiums, but also much more affordable housing solutions for residents. Nicknamed the Penang Condo King, Liang has created 25,000 units in Malaysia. Ooi Kee Liang has a long history of supporting the development of real estate in prime locations, with a focus on developing quality properties for people.

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