Online Quran Classes For Kids & Beginners

The complex structure, principles of intonation, and recitation of the Noble Qur’an make it difficult to read this great book without error and to achieve its benefits to the fullest.

All of these things may seem difficult to everyone, especially to non-Arabs and people living in non-Muslim countries.

But not anymore!

Online Quran classes for kids and beginners help you to master Quran recitation or memorization. Expert teachers with their exemplary teaching experience and skills will make the Quran learning journey easier and more unforgettable for you.

It is the right of the Qur’an to be read, respected, and acted upon. Online Quran lessons for kids and beginners help you and your child in your Quran journey from the comfort of your home.

Reciting and memorizing the Qur’an will help you achieve great success in this world and the hereafter.

Join Online Quran Classes For Kids & Beginners

The importance of learning the Holy Quran for kids is infinite, some of which are discussed below.

Tranquility & Happiness

It has been frequently observed that children become anxious about little things which diminish their abilities and affect their ability to achieve success in every field.

The Noble Qur’an does not only have spiritual and religious benefits for humans but also provides tremendous benefits to humans, especially children.

Online Quran classes from Mishkah Academy for Kids not only help them gain experience in reciting and memorizing the Holy Quran but also help kids act positively in every situation for the best success in the world and the hereafter.

Better Practicing Muslim

The Holy Quran is the ultimate guide that you must pass on to your children for their bright future. Learning the Holy Quran will shape your growing son into a better human being and a practicing Muslim.

Mishkah Academy teaches children Quranic values. We train our students to practice Islamic values ​​and become better Muslim.

Many Rewards

The Holy Quran is a beautiful gift from God Almighty to his beloved creatures. Fortunately for those who cherish this beautiful happiness and realize its wonderful benefits.

Quran recitation helps your kid to earn endless rewards. While memorizing the Noble Qur’an is not only a blessing for children but for the whole family. A practicing Quran memorizer can take 10 members of his family to heaven, God willing, on Judgment Day.

Memorizing the Qur’an helps improve the brain’s ability to absorb and learn new things. Continuous recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran strengthen brain muscles and improves memory.

Love Of Allah And Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The love of God and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) must be introduced to children at an early age. This brings them closer to their Creator and His Holy Book.

This love will help them choose the right path over the wrong. Whatever you instill in your child at a young age, will stay with him for the rest of his life. Childhood is the ideal time to introduce the love of God Almighty and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by learning the Quran.

Kids Memorize The Holy Quran Faster

Children have more intense memories than anyone else. They tend to memorize the Holy Quran faster and easier.

Mishkah Academy offers Quran memorization courses for children that make them develop strong learning power and facilitate their memorization.

Their expert teachers immerse the students in different activities and use multimedia, presentation, quizzes and games to motivate children to learn and participate in the class.

This improves their confidence level and productivity.

Join Online Quran Memorization Course For Adults

Mishkah Academy offers online Quran lessons for kids and adults. They have 3 levels categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Mishkah Academy will assign you a level according to your Quran reading skills. Whether you have basic knowledge of Quran recitation or not. Their expert teachers will assist you 24/7 to help you gain experience in Quran recitation.

Join thousands of Muslim families who love learning Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies from the comfort of their home with 100% satisfaction.


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