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Online Quran Classes For Kids

At Qiratul Quran, we recognize the challenge of discovering immersive and captivating online Quran courses for youngsters that complement their modern-day education. That’s why we offer a distinctive and stimulating method of instructing toddlers the Quran under the direction of proficient tutors who specialize in this field.

Our engaging and enjoyable approach ensures that learners will not find the classes arduous or tedious. Our online Quran classes for kids aged three to fifteen, with a range of courses to suit different age groups.

All Muslim parents aspire to teach their offspring the Quran, which helps them to comprehend the meaning of life in this world and differentiate between the lifestyles of Muslims and non-Muslims. At Qiratul Quran, we make this aspiration a reality by providing an exceptional and enriching Quran learning experience for children.

We take pride in providing professional and top-notch Hifz and Tajweed Quran tutors for children. Our selection process involves rigorous testing and multiple rounds of interviews to ensure that only the best teachers are chosen to instruct our young learners.

Our team comprises highly qualified and certified Quran tutors from Al-Azhar University, known for their expertise in the Quran and Islamic studies. These Native Arab instructors are fluent in English and possess vast knowledge in their field of study.

We only hire trainers with a proven track record of positive feedback, five-star ratings, and commendation from previous students. Our teachers utilize the latest technology tools such as 3D versions, visual PowerPoint slides, and educational games to create the most captivating and interactive lessons possible.

At Qiratul Quran, we aim to achieve specific outcomes for our young students who are enrolled in our online Quran classes. These outcomes are carefully designed to ensure that our students receive the best possible education and develop a strong connection with the Quran.

Our outcomes include making the lessons interesting and engaging for children, enabling learners to recite with Tajweed by implementing all the rules and avoiding hidden mistakes. Additionally, we teach various techniques to help students memorize all 30 Juz or a significant part of them perfectly.

Our teachers also focus on helping students beautify their voices by imitating their favorite Qaris and understand the overall meaning of the Surahs they memorize. We believe in fostering love and respect for the Book of Allah and aim to teach our students how to recite like our beloved Prophet S.A.W.W. did.

Our 3 Quran Courses for Children: We provide deeply-structured courses in Al-Quran for toddlers.

 1- Quran for Beginners Course:

Our Quran courses for children are thoughtfully designed to provide comprehensive learning opportunities for young students. Our first course is the Quran for Beginners, which is perfect for children who are new to learning the Quran.

During this course, our expert tutors focus on teaching the fundamentals of Quran reading, including the recognition of Arabic letters, basic Tajweed rules, and simple vocabulary. Children will learn to read and recite short Surahs with proper pronunciation and intonation.

2- Quran Memorization Course:

Our second course is the Quran Memorization Course, which is ideal for children who have basic Quran reading skills and are ready to memorize Quranic verses. Our experienced tutors use various memorization techniques to help children memorize the Quran with ease and efficiency.

We encourage our young students to memorize at their own pace, and we provide them with continuous support and guidance throughout the memorization process.

3- Quran Recitation Course:

Our third course is the Quran Recitation Course, which focuses on improving children’s Quran reading skills. During this course, our tutors help children recite the Quran with proper Tajweed rules and develop a melodious and beautiful recitation style.

We use advanced teaching techniques, including visual aids, audio recordings, and interactive sessions, to make the learning process engaging and fun for children. With our Quran Recitation Course, children will not only improve their reading skills but also develop a deep connection with the Book of Allah.

At Qiratul Quran, we understand the importance of providing a comprehensive learning experience for young students. That’s why we offer a bi-weekly report card for parents, which highlights their child’s mistakes, repeated errors, and tips for improvement. Additionally, we include an assessment of the child’s overall behavior and participation, as well as a plan for the upcoming two weeks.

To further facilitate a transparent learning environment, we also provide parents with a digital portal where they can track their child’s progress. This feature enables parents to stay updated on their child’s development and ensure that they are making the most out of their Quranic education.

Additional Features of Our Quran Classes:

Flexible Timings for Quran Lessons: At Qiratul Quran, we offer flexible timings for Quran classes to accommodate learners in different time zones. Our highly qualified teachers are available 24/7 to teach your child according to your preferred schedule.

Feedback System: We value feedback from parents, and we take their suggestions seriously. We collect weekly feedback to ensure that we can address any issues promptly and improve our teaching methods.

Affordable Fee Plan: We understand the importance of quality education and strive to make it accessible to everyone. Our Quran classes have an affordable fee structure that is budget-friendly for single and multiple learners. We also offer discounts for group classes and siblings.

Quran Tests and Competitions: To encourage and reward the progress of our young learners, we conduct regular tests and competitions. These events are a great way to check their abilities and keep them motivated to achieve their goals.

One-on-One Quran Classes: Our one-on-one classes allow our Quran teachers to give their undivided attention to a single student. This approach ensures that the child receives personalized attention and instruction tailored to their specific needs.

Group Quran Classes: Our group Quran classes consist of three to four students of the same age group or from the same family. This approach allows for a collaborative learning environment where children can learn and interact with their peers.

Structured Plan for Quran Courses: We offer a structured plan for all three of our Quran courses, allowing parents to choose the syllabus that they want their child to learn. For instance, parents can choose the Tajweed rules they want their child to learn or the Surahs they want them to memorize.

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