N95 Mask Market Projected to Boom on Back of Rising Awareness Against Respiratory Diseases Caused by Air Pollution

N95 mask implies that the respirator attached to the mask is able to block approximately 95 percent of very small size i.e. 0.3 micron test particles. The mask is designed to be perfect facial fit, leaving no risk of entry of pathogen through the mask. Hence, it provides efficient filtration of airborne particles and protection against same. 

In various regions across the world, people are using it as a personnel protective product to avoid consequence of increasing pollution level and deteriorating air condition. The mask provide protection against airborne particles and liquid that can contaminate the face. 

Hence, in recent years, the N95 mask market has witnessed rise in demand.

However, as per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the mask is not recommended for general public to protect themselves from respiratory diseases. The FDA approved surgical N95 mask is generally designed for healthcare settings.

The edges of the respirator are manufactured in way to seal nose and mouth area. In addition, N95 respirators with attached exhalation valves are not supposed to be used where sterile environment is required.

Also as per instruction given by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these N95 respirators are disposable and should be used single time. It should not be shared. 

Registering wide usage of the mask in healthcare settings, the global N95 mask market is estimated to exhibit prominent growth rate in coming years.

Outbreak of COVID-19 Resulted Upsurge of Demand for N95 Mask 

Lately, due to outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe has been propelling demand rate of N95 mask. As a result, the global N95 mask market has been flourishing. The disease is highly communicable in nature and can be transmitted from one person to another person via touch. 

Novel coronavirus can spread from sneezing and coughing. The virus remain in droplets and aerosol from. Hence, various government bodies and non-profit organization are spreading awareness regarding use of mask of to contain the infection.

Since the mask seals mouth and nose area, the individual is not able to spread the virus to another person while sneezing and coughing. Though, there is little evidence, the mask also inhibits contraction to healthy person. It helps avoid interaction of contaminate droplets to nose and mouth, which is a prominent contraction zone, via hand.

Since there is no sign of launch of any antidote or vaccine for the novel coronavirus, the N95 mask market is projected to escalate in coming time period.

Mounting Demand for N95 Masks Paves Opportunity for New Entrants in Global N95 Mask Market

After the outbreak, the largest N95 mask manufacturing company, Prestige Ameritech, has witnessed a demand of more than 1.4 billion masks. Due to shortage of mask, the CDC has recommended general public to stay indoors as much as possible and avoid purchasing of the mask. Purchase of mask by general public has resulted in shortage of supply of mask to healthcare professionals.

However, the general public is not paying heed to the urge made by esteemed healthcare regulatory bodies such as CDC and the WHO. Also, the demand for mask has increased.

In order to compensate the demand, various non-medical companies have entered into the global N95 mask market. The pandemic has been providing enormous opportunity to these companies to ramp up. Subsequently, the global N95 mask market is also expanding substantially.

Some of the key companies operating in the global N95 mask market are Honeywell International Inc., Cambridge Mask Co, 3M, Cardinal Health, Ansell Ltd., Kimberly- lark Worldwide Inc., Ohlone Press LLC, Prestige Ameritech, Kowa Company Ltd., The Gerson Company, and JIANGSU TEYIN IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD among others.

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