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Moving to Georgia: How to realize a dream

It is easy to come to Georgia – you can get to the country by plane (transit through Istanbul, Yerevan, or Minsk) or through the checkpoint «Verkhny Lars» (from March 1, 2022, the land route for citizens of the Russian Federation is open). But it is one thing to come on vacation and quite another – for permanent or temporary residence. In the second case, you should think ahead of time about two factors important for life – about housing and work. Let’s talk about the first.

The real estate market is quite developed. Here you can buy or rent a house or apartment for every taste. Which option to choose depends on financial possibilities. Rent is suitable for those who plan to stay for a while, and purchase – for those who are going to live in Georgia for several years.

You can buy real estate for savings (in which case the purchase can be seen as a way to save the savings from depreciation), and on a mortgage loan. Sea Inside has a large real estate catalog in Georgia. New buildings in Georgia, luxury real estate of Batumi, profitable apartments on the beach – managers will help you to choose a suitable option.

Purchased real estate can always be sold and at least get your money back, and as a maximum – earn. After all, elite real estate in Georgia rises in price at an average of 15-20% annually. Even if you decide to leave the country at some point, there is no need to sell the purchased apartment. It is better to rent it and receive a permanent stable income. After all, millions of tourists visit the country every year, so the property in Georgia will not be idle. On the contrary, it is a profitable investment and an opportunity to earn.

Before you make a purchase, you need to decide on the city. The capital of Tbilisi and the resort town of Batumi on the Black Sea coast are very popular. Both are large urban agglomerations with their suburbs and developed infrastructure. Batumi is smaller than Tbilisi, but first, it stands on the sea, which in itself is a big advantage, and second, the city is growing rapidly. Wherever you have a home, traveling from city to city is not difficult, because Georgia is a small country, but it is a country with a big heart, a warm climate, and beautiful nature. Hurry up to buy real estate in Georgia before the price doubles. The best price of real estate can be found on the website to get in touch with the manager and consult about free real estate!!

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