Motorized Residential Gates and Their Potential for Automation

Motorized Residential Gates

Modern automated gates are gaining a lot of popularity especially because of their amazing features and flexibility. They are not only known for their advanced security but also the status symbol that they bring to property owners.

However, even though automatic gates are great, most people are still using manual or motorized gates that have existed for a long time. Motorized gates have served homeowners well and for a long time, but with modern advancements in technology, they have a lot of potential for automation.

That notwithstanding, homeowners need to be careful when looking to automate their motorized gates because of the variety of gate automation control kits, components, and systems that we have today. So, what do you look for when automating your motorized gate?

Features to Look for in Modern Automated Gates

Residential and commercial gate openers need to be very effective to ensure that they meet the requirements of their users. This is important in making sure that the gate does not interfere with the activities of the people accessing the homes or commercial properties that have automated gates. 

Some of the features that you should look at when looking to automate your motorized gates include;

Warning or Alarm Systems

Automated gates come with complex systems whose sole purpose is to ensure that security is enhanced. These systems cannot be easily manipulated by burglars as it can happen with manual or motorized gates.

However, this does not mean that you should forget a warning or alarm system for your automated gate. This is important to ensure that you are notified in case someone tries to interfere with the gate.

Today, burglars are using certain tactics and advanced pieces of equipment to try and make automated gates malfunction. If you install an automated gate without a warning or an alarm system, then burglars might find their way in without you or the people you are with knowing.

Remote Access

Automated gates come with a full range of benefits, with one of them being remote access. However, not all automated gates provide one with remote access. You need to ensure that the gate system you are choosing comes with a remote access feature.

If you look at some automated gate systems, you will realize that one has to use a lock system fixed at the gate. However, considering modern technological advancements, this system is not efficient since one has to physically access the lock system.

On the other hand, remote access allows one to operate the gate from inside their homes or even outside without having to physically access the gate. This feature can be installed on your smartphone or you can use a remote control to open and close the gate.

Video Surveillance

Most people install automated gates because of the security and efficiency that they bring to their homes or commercial properties. However, you should not assume that you are completely protected without video surveillance – something that has gained popularity due to the rising demand for high security and surveillance.

A security camera allows you to ensure that everything is monitored around the gate. If you notice anything unusual around the gate, you can notify the authorities immediately to ensure that nothing bad happens.

Fortunately, modern automated gates can be customized easily to accommodate security cameras to ensure that the property in question is monitored all the time. This is important in keeping away intruders and burglars since most of them are afraid of security cameras.

Advanced Lock System

If you are looking for an automated gate for a commercial property, you need to ensure that the system that you choose is designed to handle multiple users. In addition, you need to make sure that the gates operate seamlessly without affecting the security of your property.

It, therefore, means that you should go for an advanced lock system that works without any issues. For instance, you can go for a key card reader that automatically opens the gate for every user.

Each of these cards should have the details of the holder, and the system should indicate each person that accesses the gate as well as the time that the card was used. Together with the surveillance cameras discussed above, you can see every person coming in or leaving the property.


There are many advantages of using an automated gate system over a motorized one. However, it is important to make sure that when automating your gate, you are choosing the right features that will enhance your security and ensure that the gate operates without any problems. 

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