Morecambe’s Rising Entrepreneur Matt Catterall Built His Career With Expertise And Customer Fulfillment

Several companies worldwide thrive on the quality of their products and services. If a company or brand fails to satisfy its customers, it may become quite challenging to survive in the market. But MJ Catterall didn’t have to encounter such problems. Entrepreneur and owner of MJ Catterall, Matthew Catterall, has always emphasized delivering personalized services that will be a crucial factor in building and protecting the brand.

MJ Catterall is a renowned company that covers all aspects of electrical, plumbing, and security solutions in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. After mastering the skills as an apprentice at a local company, Matt started his business MJ Catterall in 2014. In just two years, his start-up was thriving in Morecambe, valued at 7-digit figures, and became the most trusted company in the United Kingdom.

When Matt started the company, his contracts, and contacts at the previous workplace followed Matt to MJ Catterall because it offered a modern approach to customer service, and quality workmanship, and performed exceptionally. Matt gathered a team of professional electrical contractors and skilled plumbing engineers to deliver the best installation and maintenance services in Morecambe and nationwide. “I envision growing MJ Catterall twice the size it is today and generating more rewarding and secure jobs for the people,” says Matt.

Matthew’s excellence and focus have carried MJ Catterall to great heights and won many prestigious business awards in the UK. In 2019, MJ Catterall became a grand finalist at England Business Awards and won the Lancashire Division. More achievements of Matthew are as follows:

  • Won the Morecambe Bay Sunshine Awards in 2020
  • Received the best electrical contractor award at SME Business Elite Awards 2021
  • Recognized as the most trusted company in 2022 at Lancashire Business Awards

Matt’s journey to becoming one of the emerging entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom wasn’t an easy one. During the initial stages of his entrepreneurial journey, Matt faced many problems and obstacles. He built the foundation of his start-up by putting in long hard hours and working day and night to grow the company into one of the most preferred electrical, plumbing, and security solutions companies, in just two years. Matthew’s message to society and the youth is, “If you want something bad enough, you will get it. Stay focused, work hard, and all your dreams will come true.

Currently, Matt is focused on expanding MJ Catterall nationwide with a focus on customer fulfillment and delivering top-quality services.

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