Hexens Impacting Web3 with Top-Level Cyber Security Solutions

Over the years, cyberspace has experienced an unprecedented increase in the number of blockchain technology users ranging from individuals to businesses and corporate organizations. As a result, data loss is one of the most pressing security threats as more companies fall victim to security breaches.

Blockchain businesses are challenged to prioritize cybersecurity strategies to protect against hacks and external manipulation as a protective measure. Hexens, a cyber security boutique, is introducing a state-of-the-art level of security designed to revolutionize the Web3 industry. 

Hexens Revolutionary Strategy

Hexens team is resolute and eager to offer advanced information security solutions that will greatly improve the level of security across the industry. 

Established in 2021, Hexens has impressively revolutionized the Web3 space with unbeatable testimonials from clients. One such satisfied client is Mudit Gupta, who joined the advisory board after getting the firm’s services. In addition, the disruptive approach of the team has attracted investors across the blockchain industry. IOSG Ventures championed the successful $4.2 million seed round raised by Hexens, with the support of over 6 renowned global investors.

The CEO, Sipan Vardanyan, while explaining the significance of his cybersecurity firm on Web3 security structures, stated that “unique methodologies and techniques that have tremendously developed over a decade of business in cybersecurity enable us to see what the premature blockchain market needs. As a result, commercial organizations encounter a single point of failure while relying on digital data storage infrastructures. Our objective is to set new standards and raise the expectations of what cybersecurity solutions could do.”

The firm comprises a team of talented and focused information security experts. They are skilled in breaking down complex tasks. Their areas of specialization include DeFi, ZK Proofs, NFTs, DApps, etc.

Blockchain Cybersecurity Challenges

In March 2022, Ronin Network lost $614 million to malicious hackers. It was a repeat of what happened to PolyNetwork in 2021 when the platform suffered a cyberattack in which it lost $600 million. Furthermore, a CNBC report revealed that hackers have stolen approximately $1.4 billion worth of assets in the crypto space in 2022 alone. With the challenges mentioned above, it is expedient that thorough cyber safety practices are initiated. 

According to Queenie Wu, a partner at IOSG Ventures, they are happy to partner with the Hexens team to ensure Web3 is safe and secure for all players. Wu also believes that the expertise of the Hexens’ team in ZK technology will help them lead the next chapter of industry innovations in Web3. Additionally, the products developed by Hexens have the potential to serve as a standard toolkit for developers and security researchers in the blockchain space.

A Paradigm Shift to Resolving Cyberattacks

Web3 security shouldn’t only revolve around smart-contract security but also focus on a full-stack level, as more loopholes are found outside smart contracts to exploit the capital locked in them. The need for effective industry-wide Web3 security measures must be prioritized, especially with the rising growth of the industry. 

Hexens does not only undertake security reviews for businesses, but they also build innovative security standards for the industry. With Hexens innovative cybersecurity solutions, developers will have a more secure testing environment with better code observability. As Hexens continues to build its innovative audit solution, the firm has grown to become one of the global pacesetters in Web3 security development and has also attracted the support of Delta Blockchain Fund.


Irrespective of the security challenge, Hexens advanced cybersecurity solutions bring the expected results and more. An effective and efficient step to control cyberattacks is adopting a comprehensive and meticulous approach to combating threats, requiring expertise and responsiveness. Hexens has a track record of availability and receptivity, which is crucial to success. For more information about Hexens and their projects, you can check the official website or interact with them on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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