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Many people think about how they would like their presentation to look before they make it. If they don’t have any ideas, they have to look for a source of inspiration. It is enough to go on the Internet to see trends and take some for yourself. You can rely on your taste, especially if you already had experience in the design of slides. Now gaining popularity is the dark ppt template, so more and more often you can see presentations in this format. The main thing here is the right combination of the background with all the other details. To do this, we recommend listening to the advice of experts.

The rules of presentation design in a dark color

If you decide to choose this style, you need to carefully select additional elements and not rush with a variety of colors. The advantages of black backgrounds include: 

  • Creating a corporate and memorable style.
  • Good contrast when used in conjunction with white font.
  • A wide range of options for design.
  • Suitable for any theme.

Black can be combined with shades, the main thing is not to go overboard. The synthesis of black with yellow, red, and gold separately looks stylish. On the page with ready-made templates, you will find many options, among which will definitely be the most suitable.

If you don’t want to take any chances, use the standard white color for the font and additional elements. The text will be well read, and the strain on the eyes will be minimized, thanks to this technique. Black is more pleasant to look at for a long time, as it is more tranquil in contrast to the bright and light background shades. This slide design is especially suitable for those who are planning a long presentation. If you have a lot of information, and you want to reduce the tension of the audience and not lose effectiveness throughout your story, then use the main dark colors.

Why do popular speakers increasingly choose dark backgrounds for slides?

Inexperienced users will think this design is just for style. In addition, it displays other benefits that professional designers and experienced speakers see. If a person performs on stage or in front of a large audience, it is important to correctly position yourself and your presentation. With a white background, this is more difficult. If the image is projected, the speaker cannot walk in front of the whole screen (or there will be shadows, lit-up body parts, and other absurdities). If you use a dark background, these problems can be avoided. The main thing is not to overlap the text.

Black can be combined with white. Again, this is relevant to those who make a long presentation. By sharply shifting the color from dark to light, the attention of the audience, who may have been distracted by the topic, can be regained. Playing on the contrast in this case will be advantageous for both the speaker and the audience. 


Black ready-made templates are not in short supply. There are plenty of them, but some are afraid to use them due to a lack of experience and understanding of how effective and modern a tool it is to attract the attention of the audience. Watch the presentations of popular companies (Samsung, Huawei, etc.) to see how relevant and effective this trend is. You can’t help but agree that the dark background looks grandiose.

With this chip and unusual presentation, you can stand out and most importantly be remembered. It can inspire and make you move to another dimension if the dark template is matched by appropriate content. Do not miss this opportunity, because it can improve the number of customers, connoisseurs, students, etc. Depending on your field, choose the right information and enjoy a good result.

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