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Mobile Revolution: A Progressive Web Application Development

Mobile Revolution: A Progressive Web Application Development

You might have heard of many different kinds of application development such as Native app development, web app development, hybrid app development, etc. But here we are going to talk about the most modern trend currently creating a mobile revolution which is Progressive web application development. PWA development is the most preferred term if any business looking to get an amazing app for their business.

Before going ahead knowing why it’s turning into a revolution or how to develop PWAs or why you should find a PWA developerlet’s move ahead to know what PWA actually is?

What is a Progressive Web Application?

A PWA is actually a website converted into a smartphone application in your browser. That means it will be having same visibility and functionality as in an application but in your browser. Just like the websites do, PWAs also use HTML, CSS, and JS for their development. PWA gives the same visibility as a native application because it provides these features:

  • Loads fast
  • Offline support
  • Provide push notifications
  • Provide an immersive, full-screen UX without any URL bar
  • Secure

Since its looks and working are similar to the native applications, progressive web application possesses payment ability, speech recognition, access to the application through fingerprint authentication, and a lot more.

However, if the application needs authority over the device functions, then it requires other APIs (Geolocation API, Bluetooth, NFS API). Apart from that, you may require PWA Builder if you need to do a particular thing, for example, to operate your progressive web application in Google Play.

But if we talk about the iOS operating system, PWAs don’t give a good performance as compared to the native applications because certain features are not supported by Apple. For example, we cannot use push notifications on PWA as it doesn’t support Safari.

How do Progressive Web Applications work?

When you visit such kinds of applications, you can directly install these apps on your smartphone device with any assistance from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have done this, you can see its icon on the home screen. And whenever you click over this icon, a new webpage relevant to this app opens in another window.

How does PWA provide benefits to the Users?

  • Comparing native applications PWAs weigh less.
  • Since fewer requests are directed to the server and it copes with the local cache, progressive web applications possess a high productivity rate.
  • PWA is quick and easy to install in comparison to native applications.
  • Due to its offline functionality, users can have access to the application without the lack of or limited internet connection.

How does PWA provide benefits to the Businesses?

  • As PWA performs well on different operating systems, it needs less development time.
  • You don’t need to bother about Google Play and app store requirements and never need to pay over there to make users install your application.
  • It’s easy and effortless to run updates over PWA. Whenever users go to the site, they get the new updated version.
  • It has the feature of sending push notifications to people having Linux, Windows, ChromeOS, or macOS but not Safari.

PWA development helped many companies to boost their business with its modern and amazing apps. Such popular companies include Starbucks, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Forbes, etc.

Why prefer PWA development?

So, you have got familiarised with the basic intro, advantages, and other details of progressive web applications by now. But still, you may be having questions like why hire a PWA developer or why prefer progressive web app developmentSo, here is the answer! You should prefer progressive web applications for your business because it is revolutionizing the industry with their modern trends and below-mentioned benefits:

Storage Requirements are Less

Since progressive web applications are directly accessed through the browser, it requires less space over your device in comparison to other native applications. At the same time, if any PWA saves the information for offline access, still it takes up less space than native applications.

No requirement for installation

There is no need to go to an app store or google store to download and install your app. All you need is to go to the browser and use it. You can also add its icon to the home screen for its frequent uses but you are just free from the hassle of installation. If you need the app to use infrequently or temporarily, PWA is the best suitable for that.

Quick updates

You never need to be concerned about the frequent updates of the app. Downloading and installing app updates looks like a hassle to many people. But PWA get updated by itself once you refresh it.

Effective application interaction

As an outcome of the above benefits mentioned, people get more attracted to progressive web applications than other native applications. Thus, the probability of spending more time over PWA is more.

Therefore, a lot of companies that web app development services are spending more effort on their PWA proficiency and PWA maintenance than they used to do on native applications.

Which Tools are Utilized for PWA Development?

Below are the best tools that developers use for their perfect PWA development:


The first tool we are discussing that is used for PWA development in Angular which is the best JavaScript-enabled framework. It provides a lot of tools & dependencies that are suitable for developing scalable and reliable PWAs.

Apart from that, it employs server-side rendering and web workers to give optimum results on progressive web applications.

In addition, Angular provides components and templates for integrating so many features in the PWA efficiently.


Ionic is actually an application development platform for professional developers. This platform is very trendy among developer communities all over the globe. It includes a PWA toolkit, which contains everything that a professional wants to create a web app thus they don’t need to depend on the front-end frameworks.

Basically, Ionic uses Stencil.js for integrating and building an application. It also utilizes Workbox to work out the most appropriate practices & ensures using the same things frequently while working with cache strategies and service workers.

Essentially, Ionic provides different attractive components for building web applications.


Vue.js is basically a progressive javascript framework appropriate for creating web interfaces and single-page applications. Apart from this, it is effective for desktop and mobile application development.

Besides, Vue.js provides comprehensive documentation for professional developers to grasp all things correctly. It also contains a Vue CLI which enables builders to create, manage, and build apps quickly through the terminal.


It is an amazing open-source tool developed by Google that audits different PWA features. It provides various crucial factors to enhance PWA’s quality and verify that PWA provides an absolute app-like feel to the user.

Apart from that, it assists developers to test applications offline or under poor network conditions.

React PWA Library

React PWA is a very popular library that is beneficial for developing SEO-friendly PWAs. Moreover, it is developer-friendly and fast. React provides handy tools to boost the process of development.

Moreover, ReactJs offers detailed documentation, a vast community of developers, etc., for developing progressive web applications.

Magento PWA Studio

Magento PWA is a popular toolkit suitable for building a PWA storefront over Magento Commerce. The Magento toolkit assures the improvement in user engagement, broadens revenue streams, and increases conversion rates.

The Magento PWA provides many libraries and tools that developers can employ to manage the eCommerce store competently.


This tool provides the most competent way to employ the ready-to-use progressive web applications for any Magento store. ScandiPWA is essentially an open-source PWA theme rather than a set of tools.

ScandiPWA provides comprehensive documentation to professionals to resolve their queries and look out for any answers. Moreover, it includes a massive community of developers who gets instant support.

Besides these mentioned tools, there are many web app development frameworks that developers use to build top-notch progressive web applications.

Get the Best Assistance for PWA Application

If you are looking forward to creating the best PWA for your business development then you essentially need to hire a PWA developer. When you hire a professional for the task, you use their expertise and skills to make an app that perfectly represents your brand and improves your business performance. However, choosing the right candidate for the task is a big decision that needs smartness. You should do complete research before finalizing any company or any candidate for the task.

Groovy web is the best in the industry having years of experience building successful mobile and web applications. We carry out extensive research and utilize the latest tools and technologies to develop high-performing applications that users appreciate. Our clients’ progressive web applications go through in-depth testing as well as beta trials before they hit the market, assuring an excellent user experience.

We perform PWA development for all main platforms and can build any type of application. Our team successfully accomplished more than 500 projects for industries including:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Business & Sales
  • Banking and Finance
  • Productivity
  • Work Order Management
  • Time and Materials Tracking
  • Networking
  • Office/Business
  • Communication
  • Multimedia Sharing
  • Security
  • Travel and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire our services now and get the most exception PWA development for your business success.

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