Mobile meal ordering: The future of gastronomy or unnecessary improvement?

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Since online food ordering became more and more popular, the number of gastronomic facilities that decided to use this solution began to grow rapidly. Although there will certainly be opponents to this form of ordering food, the vast majority of customers cannot imagine any other way to eat their favourite dish.

Situations where it is difficult to imagine a form other than mobile food ordering

Nowadays, probably nobody can imagine the absence of mobile food ordering. Just consider the example of completely mundane situations. An evening meeting with friends at home does not particularly encourage you to change your plans and go to a place sometimes a few streets away to just have a meal and go back home. In such situations, the possibility of delivering food that will not only arrive right at the door, but also will not differ significantly from what you could get directly in the restaurant is invaluable. The number of advantages of such a solution is the best example as to why this form of ordering is currently so popular.

On the other hand, ordering food remotely can potentially cause concerns about the completeness of the particular meal. In case of a meal containing a hamburger, fries, salad and sauce, this type of dish is prepared by several people on different workstations in the vast majority of restaurants. In the course of time, however, when the online food ordering began gaining popularity, the number of potential mistakes significantly decreased. This is particularly noticeable in the case of facilities that use the Kitchen Display System, a solution aimed at improving the work of the entire kitchen.

Economic benefits for restaurants with mobile food ordering

Analyzing the aspect of mobile meal ordering from a business perspective, one can come to interesting conclusions. People who are not necessarily familiar with the principles of gastronomic facilities may wonder how these establishments earn money by delivering meals. After all, apart from the costs of “production”, there are also costs related to transport, packaging or delivery driver salary. Of course, customers do not consider this aspect to be crucial – since they can get good quality food delivered straight at the door, they are not interested in economic issues directly related to the restaurant.

But what about property owners who obviously want to earn as much money as possible while fulfilling as many orders as possible? The procedure of mobile meal ordering is simple – bearing in mind, for example, the difficult epidemiological situation in Poland, this type of food distribution is invaluable for the establishments. Logistic costs of food delivery do not play such an important role in a situation when the number of online orders increases dramatically. This, in turn, proves to restaurant owners that with the possibility of delivering food to the customer, a slightly lower profit per meal with a simultaneous increase in the number of orders is much better than the physical lack of customers in the restaurant.

Online ordering as a modern trend

When considering whether mobile food ordering is the future of gastronomy, it is also worth examining the increasingly popular trend of box diets. A lot of people simply do not have time during the day to prepare their own food, due to a variety of work duties or other obligations. In such a situation, the possibility of delivering food to the client is also a great benefit for the gastronomic facilities. Currently, many companies base their activities on this aspect, which also proves the lucrative nature of this solution.

Moreover, mobile ordering for some of the gastronomic facilities complements the comfortable and efficient functioning of the kitchen. This is especially true for facilities using the Kitchen Display System – when a customer places an online order, all the information needed to quickly prepare a meal is displayed in the restaurant. Back then, when it was a common practice for waiters to provide paper notes with written items of food ordered by customers, some of the information could simply get lost or go unnoticed. Nowadays, there are solutions that almost completely eliminate this danger.

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