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What is Mobile Banking and Top 10 Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile banking is a service offered by banks or other financial institutions that enables its customers to carry out various financial transactions using a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone, using software, commonly known as an app, provided by the bank for that purpose. Usually, mobile banking is available on a 24-hour basis. Some banks have restrictions on which accounts customers can access via mobile banking, as well as the amount of money that one can transact.

There are various types of financial transactions that a customer may transact via mobile banking. These include obtaining list of latest transactions and balances, funds transfers between customers, and electronic bill payments. Some apps enable copies of bank statement to be downloaded and printed at the customer’s premises.

 So which are the best mobile banking apps? We have selected the top 10 mobile banking ups. We have taken into account ease of use, application features, fees, deposit limit, technology requirement, and functionality.

Chase Mobile App

The Chase Mobile app offers its users easy access to their multiple accounts and general banking requirements. Customers can download the app for free and is available for iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows phone users. Chase Mobile App is rated as the best app because it has a wide range of options and tools which include pay bill, check deposit, credit card payments and many others.

Capital One Banking App

Capital One has developed an easy-to-use app that puts a number of tools and features at customers’ fingertips. The app is available for iPhone, Apple watch, and iPad and android. There are several reasons why we selected the app as one of the top banking apps. The app provides users with banking features that were previously only available at a physical branch. These features include pay bill, transfers, mobile deposits, opening account and viewing balances.

Wells Fargo App

Wells Fargo App offers a quick access to users’ account information. The app also provides tools that customers can use to manage their banking and financial needs without visiting the local branches. The apps features and options include check deposit, pay bill, send and receive money, view balance and account history, and find ATMs and Branch locations.

Simple App

Simple is a branchless online bank that provides comprehensive budgeting features and mobile access.  Simple enables its users to set specific saving goals and it deducts money according to users’ customization to save for that goal. Most of the app features are available via the web application and the mobile app. The app offers a wide range of banking services.

Ally App

Ally is a branchless bank that enables you to access banking services through the mobile app or the web. The features of the app are:  check deposit, transfers, account overview, ATM locator, pay bill and Ally assist.

Itaú App

Itaú app has more than 400,000 user’s ratings and over 5% increase of active users base in one month. The app has various features such as pay bill, money transfer, and cash deposit.

The Bank of America App

The Bank of America app has many features including check deposit, pay bill, money transfer, and deals. It offers a unique array of cash-back rewards and merchant-funded deals.  The bank has been improving the user interface of its iPad app based on the feedback of the customers.

BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass was among the first American banks to allow customers enrol directly for mobile banking, rather than asking customers to sign up for online banking first.  The bank was one of the first to provide an app for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Akbank Direkt App

With Akbank Direkt app, a smartphone is all you want for banking. It allows users to flip through their check images and legal disclosers. The bank is already in its 2nd generation iPad app. The app enables customers to carry out money transfers, conduct foreign currency transactions and pay invoices and loans.

Lloyds banking app

Lloyds banking app allows its users to enjoy secure quick and easy banking from their mobile.  The app is free and lets users send payments, check the balance and much more.

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