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Michele Pelafas Lists the Top 5 Elements When Planning a Salon’s Interior Design

michele pelafas lists the top 5 elements when planning a salons interior design

Michele Pelafas, a recognized salon designer and interior design specialist that has worked with salons and spas of all types around the country, shares some of her recommendations and tips for creating an efficient, effective salon that drives clients in. It is possible to have a salon that is unique and functional but still offers some key features that help it to thrive and minimize stylist struggles, and keep clients happy.

To help those who are considering a redesign of their salon or just launching their newest venture, Michele Pelafas offers five key elements to incorporate into the salon’s interior design.

#1: Choose an Aesthetic and Stick with It

“I have seen salons succeed with a wide range of styles and aesthetics. Though your selected style should appeal to your specific clients and the region you are in, the biggest problem comes from a mismatched, unorganized salon that lacks vision,” says Michele Pelafas.

Instead, choose a style and then stick with it:

  • Boho chic: Go with neutral, warm colors.
  • Industrial: Choos masculine-looking fixtures and specs.
  • Modern: Keep things minimal and simplistic.
  • Rustic: Use reclaimed furnishings.

#2: Less is More

Space is money in any salon, but overcrowding spaces and limiting the movement of stylists is a sure way to frustrate people. Instead, be sure you are providing your clients with enough of the privacy they desire. You also want to ensure that there are at least three feet of space from all walls or windows and that your styling chairs are positioned 60” on center. This is the minimum.

#3: Don’t Overlook the Mechanicals

“It’s certainly a lot of fun to play with the design and layout of a new salon, but if the mechanicals are not considered and planned for from the start, it becomes an expensive problem to fix later. More so, you will want to ensure you are meeting all code requirements. That’s why mechanicals have to be a part of your interior design process,” shares Michele Pelafas.

Focus on:

  • Ensuring the water pressure has been tested to ensure it offers enough pressure to meet your goals.
  • Ensure electrical outlets and power are adequate to meet your ongoing needs.
  • If you plan to add in a lot of techs, you need to determine the layout and function of each space, what needs to be there power-wise, and how to create a space that’s operationally efficient.

The mechanicals of your salon are critical to get right because there could be limitations that hamper any interior design style you are after. A professional interior designer that specializes in salon design is a great resource to help with this.

#4: Create a Functional, Flexible Layout Designed to Grow

When designing your interior design space, consider the long-term goals. Right now, you may not need as many stations or as many wash bowls as you will in the years to come. Choose a space and design to accommodate growth whenever possible.

One way to do this is to avoid fixing everything to the ground. You want to be able to move around your materials whenever possible to accommodate your growth and needs. Also, if you plan to host classes or group events, or any type of other use for the space, you want to be able to make changes to facilitate that process. Mobile Salon Stations are a popular choice for this. When choosing these options, though, be sure they do not take away from your actual aesthetics.

#5: Put the Time Into the Lighting

Don’t overlook the importance of good quality lights throughout your salon. This could be one of the biggest mistakes you make.

“Lighting is fundamentally essential to any salon, and yet it is often a place where interior designers cut corners to save money. Use the correct type of lighting for your space. This ensures that your stylists are able to provide clients with accurate hair coloring and styling.”

A range of lighting options are available to choose from, including whole-salon lighting solutions as well as specific station lighting. You should not feel as though you cannot create a cohesive look that fits your aesthetic because of light quality. Rather, you just need to be sure you have a solution that’s fitting to your space.

Creating a fabulous design for your salon may be easier than you think when you plan for these fundamentals.

About Michele Pelafas

Michele Pelafas, a respected and distinguished designer is a respected professional in the industry. Her furniture collections can be found in salons, spas, and residences throughout the world and have been used as statement pieces for creating the most impressive spaces. Her extensive career includes collaborations with the industry’s most notable organizations and clients around the world. She is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago.

To learn more about Michele Pelafas, please visit her website at

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