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Michele Pelafas Discusses the Importance of a Well-Designed Salon for the Relaxation Experience

michele pelafas discusses the importance of a well designed salon for the relaxation experience

For many people, going to the salon is about more than just getting a haircut; it is also an important part of finding a way to relax and unwind. It is a break from the day-in and day-out and provides an opportunity for clients to enjoy themselves, even if it is for only an hour or so. However, to create this feeling – one that clients will seek out repeatedly – you need to consider the process from a design perspective.

Michele Pelafas has worked to support the needs of a wide range of clients in salon design around the world. She offers insight into creating a well-designed salon that enhances the relaxation experience.

Focus on a Comfort Aesthetic

When people make the decision of which salon to visit for their needs, they choose a location that feels and looks comfortable. There are various ways to create that feeling.

“A comfortable, comforting aesthetic is a goal for most interior designs. This means that it is creating a place for the client to sit down comfortably, feel good about themselves, and feel good about their surroundings,” shares Michele Pelafas.

To create comfort, think about numerous factors, including:

  • The seating options – they should be supportive, comfortable places to sit rather than too stiff or too limited options.
  • Focus on the lighting – it needs to be properly lit to meet the needs of the stylist but still comfortable to be in for that client.
  • Cleanliness – A sanitary look is a must for nearly all people. You want to ensure that your clients can tell the space is clean.

Use Technology Wisely

Another core concern for many of today’s salon owners is creating a space that is technologically advanced. It should have the features you want, but it also has to keep the client focused on relaxation. For example, you can certainly install screens and music tools, but avoid having the news blasting on the salon TV, which will only create apprehension and stress.

“I like to make it feel as though when they step into the salon, it is one of the best ways to relax, that they are transported to a space where they don’t have to worry about politics or the economy. Give them that break, and they’ll appreciate it so much that they will come back for it over and over again,” shares Michele Pelafas.

Invigorating All of the Senses

A relaxing salon is one that helps to stimulate a person in the right ways, including through visuals, scent, and sounds. It does not have to be difficult to do this. For example, use soft music in the background to offer something to listen to when there is a break in conversation. Have a soft candle going, so there is less of a chemical smell in the location. Be sure the space is inviting and beautiful. You want to ensure your clients can really experience relaxation in as many ways as possible.

Soft materials for aprons and good coffee are also simple ways to add a bit more sensory-focused attention to your clients. Consider what you can do to improve any of these areas within your location.

Design with a Focus on Relaxation

It can be super trendy and interesting to use bright colors in a salon space or to use a dynamic wall full of colors and whimsical patterns. While this could work in some situations, you do not want the design to cause stress or to be too busy that it is distracting.

“I like to incorporate soothing colors and tones throughout the space. If I want an edge or trendy feel, I put that towards the entrance to the location where it is less likely to impact the guests and clients in the back. While I want them to know the space is modern and cool, creating a sense of relaxation takes using the right surroundings throughout the environment,” shares Michele Pelafas.

Incorporating a wide range of design tricks and tips like this can make a big difference in the long-term outcome for any salon. Make sure your space communicates with your clients exactly what you desire for that space – relaxing, welcoming, and warm. It all comes down to the design you want to incorporate within your space.

About Michele Pelafas

Michele Pelafas is a designer with a passion for creating beautiful and relaxing spaces. She and her team at Michele Peleafas, Inc. have worked in some of the most prestigious locations throughout the country, creating stunning spaces.

The brand is headquartered near Chicago, Illinois, and employs disciplines in space and floor plan design, lighting, 3D illustrations, computer rendering, construction details, feasibility, fixture planning, and furniture design. Michele and her brand are often featured in industry trade publications such as American Salon.

To learn more about Michele Pelafas, please visit her website at

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