Miami Tech Spring: TokenSociety Offers Curated NFT Experiences to Rival Bitcoin Miami

“The Gay Aliens Society x Trippy Labs  series of highly curated NFT collectors events surpassed expectations as some of the biggest names in Web3 attended their private parties.”

Miami, Florida –  May 6, 2022 – To celebrate Bitcoin Miami, Miami Tech Spring, and the upcoming mint of Gay Aliens, TokenSociety and Trippy Labs organized NFT Collectors Penthouse After Hours on April 7, NFT Collectors Pregame, and an NFT Collectors Night at Floyd Miami inside Club Space on April 9. TokenSociety will also host a mansion yacht party on May 7th. TokenSociety is a project launchpad for NFT collections and an exclusive platform for drops.

This year’s Bitcoin Miami conference hosted over 25,000 people, including more than 450 speakers, 3,000 companies, and 100 artists, across four days. Tickets for Bitcoin 2022 were hardly inexpensive; a basic pass could be purchased for $1000+ and increased substantially from there. Some participants chose the $20,000 “whale pass,” offering VIP treatment during the week and including golf carts to chauffeur top-tier pass holders around the Miami Beach venue.

Crypto conferences and the week surrounding them have become significant occasions for the crypto-rich to flaunt the enormous wealth cryptocurrencies have generated. In fact, Bitcoin’s value has soared approximately 1,100% since Bitcoin Miami’s 2019 debut. Miami has a plethora of possibilities for crypto whales to display their riches, spend and strut in a city perfectly positioned for them. Amidst the grandeur, there are many significant connections to be made with those stewarding serious capital. 

The conference included some memorable occurrences. PayPal founder, Peter Thiel, referred to Warren Buffet as a “sociopathic grandpa,” and passed out $100 bills to participants while explaining the difference between fiat and crypto. Meanwhile, Mexico, Madeira, and Prospera all adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. Although tens of thousands attended the conference, many events were exclusive, reserved for key members and players.

Google spreadsheets circulating amongst crypto Twitter counted over 300 public side events throughout the city, which has become a capital for crypto enthusiasts and nonconformists. Scott Weissman, CEO of TokenSociety, believes this is not where the highest-profile connections are to be made. “The cool kids do not go to the actual conference or publicly advertised side events,” said Scott in an interview. “Those in the know get on the guest lists of invite-only gatherings taking place in parallel to the main conference and public events.”

The highest-end events are not advertised on public calendars. The most prolific crypto whales and NFT collectors are rarely found outside of Alpha groups (gated, hard to join private chats) as they are extremely careful regarding their security. In celebration of the upcoming mint of Gay Aliens, TokenSociety and Trippy Labs organized  NFT Collectors Penthouse After Hours on April 7, NFT Collectors Pregame, and Floyd Miami at Club Space Crypto Night on April 9. Club Space won the 33rd annual International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) as the best club in 2019. It was one of the first times where Club Space encouraged crypto enthusiasts to take over one of its well-known venues.

The Miami events provided an excellent opportunity for NFT artists, collectors, and investors to mingle and relax with friends old and new in the crypto world while enjoying the ambiance of a Penthouse and a world-famous nightclub, open bar, and entertainment. The NFT industry thrives on networking, an activity especially encouraged by those involved in TokenSociety.

Scott Weissman, CEO of TokenSociety, who began developing platforms to create NFTs for creative work in 2016 mentioned that “Ninety percent of your success in business are the right relationships that you create and nourish with continuous interactions. My events strengthen the community around NFTs and Gay Aliens Society, specifically creating a platform where new ideas are being born.”

Special invites were sent to Web3 Crypto Twitter celebrities, NFT collectors, DeFi prolific artists, and executives from major crypto and NFT companies like Moonpay, Opensea, SuperRare, Etherrock, NFT Now, Solana, Metaplex, and Polygon. The guest list was specifically curated, and partygoers were pre-selected after sending their LinkedIn and Opensea NFT collections to qualify and gain final approval for the events.

TokenSociety is a launchpad for NFT-based projects such as the Gay Aliens Society. Both Diplo and Brooklyn Beckham hold items in the Gay Aliens’ NFT collection, which is developing a TV Show, Metaverse, and the platform offers exclusive NFT drops in addition to providing new ways to inform the crypto/ NFT space, often focusing on celebrities and exclusive individuals in the field of arts and entertainment. For new projects seeking a platform to promote their project, TokenSociety offers an excellent overall approach. 

Special events like these and other networking opportunities are vitally important for NFT holders, investors, marketing agencies, and anyone involved in the Web3 space. It provides ways to access talent and prestigious individuals that would otherwise not be possible. 

Many deals and agreements were undoubtedly made at the Penthouse and at Floyd Miami, where the TokenSociety and Trippy Labs’ party stole the show at this year’s Bitcoin conference. In many ways, it was the perfectly executed Web3 experience in the city of Miami, the new global NFT and crypto blockchain hub, attracting the cream of the crop from the industry. 

This Saturday, Gay Aliens by TokenSociety, Advent Robots, and NFT Promo will celebrate Miami Tech Spring by throwing a mansion yacht party at a gorgeous location in Miami. For RSVP telegram message to @mashaprusso

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TokenSociety is a project launchpad for NFT collections metaverse projects. It hosts a number of prominent projects as well as meta wearables. Bespoke NFTs are also available for purchase through the TokenSociety gallery, created by celebrity artists such as Tima Marso, Eddy Bogaert, and Kolodny. TokenSociety is also the first NFT platform to 

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About Gay Aliens Society NFT Project: 

Celebrity multidisciplinary artist, Tima Marso, creator of the highly anticipated collection, Gay Aliens Society will be releasing the remainder of his 10K collection in May. Each of the colorful aliens is generated from one of twenty randomly selected body types designed by Marso, uniquely dressed, embellished, and granted a Zodiac sign; no two are alike.  

Marso selected, a curated minting platform and marketplace leveraging the entertainment industry to launch the Gay Aliens Society NFT project in addition to partnering with Archstone Entertainment to develop a TV series around the Gay Aliens as well as Altar Inc. to create an AR platform and metaverse wearables

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