Blockchain Announces Acquisition of the Dippies NFT Project

Token Society, Inc., a Web3 incubator and metaverse project launchpad, announced today the acquisition of all of the intellectual property and assets of the Dippies NFT and Dippies Vans NFT Projects based on a vote by the Dippies community council. 

Dippies is a music-driven NFT project which has collaborated with Death Row Records, Snoop Dogg, Champ Medici, and Steve Aoki. The project was launched in March 2022, initially sold 8,888 NFTs, and later released 11K+ Dippies Vans NFTs to NFT holders to be used in a play-to-earn (P2E) racing game and as the holders’ key to the Dippieverse metaverse. To date, the two NFT collections have traded a combined 9,345 ETH in secondary trading volume on Opensea.

Under the terms of the acquisition, shall continue to develop the DippiesRaces P2E racing game which will now be enhanced to include a multi-player augmented reality version that Altar, Inc. will develop. In addition, the Dippies NFT and Dippies Vans NFT owners will also have access to several other P2E games and metaverse spaces currently being developed by TokenSociety including MERCHX, CasinoXR, and UniteaMeta.

TokenSociety shall also integrate the Dippies community into their ecosystem of Web2 and Web3 companies, granting Dippies NFT owners access to a long list of utilities including access to live events hosted by TokenSociety, major music festivals hosted by Unitea Music, and opportunities to participate in television shows and movies currently in development with Archstone Entertainment

In addition, Dippies NFTs shall also be integrated into the SHOPX Web3 e-commerce platform. This will grant owners of Dippies NFTs the ability to utilize their Dippies NFT to access the SHOPX app in lieu of the SHOPX Licensing Token in order to create token-gated e-commerce stores. TokenSociety will also work with the Dippies NFT owners to develop intellectual property and products with their Dippies NFTs which can be monetized on the SHOPX platform or other distribution channels.

“The original vision of the Dippies project was to build a global community of rebellious individuals helping to create a more free world through decentralized business ventures. TokenSociety acquired this ethos and will bring it to life with the growing list of projects and strategic partnerships within our ecosystem”  Scott H. Weissman, co-founder and CEO. He added,  “We are excited to work with the Dippies NFT owners to develop valuable IP while providing the best metaverse and IRL experiences for the community.”

About Token Society, Inc.

Token Society, Inc, aka, is a Web3 incubator and metaverse project launchpad that owns the Gay Aliens Society (Gen 1) NFT, Dippies NFT, and Dippies Vans NFT. In addition, the company has ownership in OTH Network, Unitea Music, Altar, Inc., CasinoXR, NFTPromo Media, and the Men of the House TV Show.




About Dippies NFT

Dippies are modern-day adaptations of hippies, with the same values. Ones that are more in touch with society, but who are still quietly carving their own path. Rather than refusing to take part in the system, Dippies are building businesses to layer themselves out of the system. The Dippies Van NFTs can be used in the DippieRaces P2E game and tuned up in the DippieGarage. Vote on future initiatives for the Dippieverse and join IRL events with like-minded individuals.






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