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MetaPocket: We stand with the LUNAtics, are willing to accept LUNA tokens at a value of 100 USD

The price of LUNA has drastically crashed about 99% below its all-time peak, even affecting UST over the last few days. An unfortunate turn of events have led to many losing a huge sum of money or even their life savings, with the entire cryptocurrency market being hit.

The MetaPocket GameFi Digital Wallet team stands with the LUNAtics and are sympathetic to all the investors who have lost their funds in this incident. To help ease the blow on those badly burnt, MetaPocket pledges to accept LUNA tokens to the dApp at a value of USD100 from now (12 May 2022) till 22 May 2022. All LUNA holders can go to and utilize their LUNA to earn within the MetaPocket ecosystem, which will continue to grow larger and improve its offerings even in this bear market.

The team also urges everyone who is struggling to seek help, and know that we will all tide through this together and come out stronger.

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