Targeting More Sustainable Returns Than LUNA? Try Crypto Upstarts Injective (INJ), Optimism (OP) & Pullix (PLX)

Targeting More Sustainable Returns Than LUNA

Since the LUNA crash in 2022, investors have been looking for DeFi projects that can give sustainable returns long-term. Luckily, we have picked three top crypto upstarts you can consider. They include Injective, Optimism, and Pullix. 

The Injective (INJ) Price Has Skyrocketed, Attracting Whales 

Since mid-October, Injective (INJ) has been on a tear. The INJ token has capitalized on the growing interest in AI applications. The token has grown in popularity as one of the most popular AI-based cryptocurrencies. The token recently reached an all-time high of $33.05.

The Injective token market capitalization has also skyrocketed. This has surged by about 250% since mid-October. Per CoinMarketCap, Injective token has a market cap of $2.5 billion. Also, Injective price has surged 65% from a low of $18.54 to a high of $32.44. 

Santiment data showed the token has witnessed high whale accumulation. The top largest Injective wallets have added over 7 million tokens in the last three months.

Optimism (OP) Rallies As Coinbase Launches OP Futures Trading

Optimism (OP) outperformed other Layer 2 coins. Since October, when the market started to rise, its value has tripled. The recent availability of the Optimism token for futures trading on Coinbase might be responsible for this upward movement. This gives traders more leverage and lower trading costs.

In addition, they can capitalize on movements in the Optimism price. Meanwhile, CoinMarketCap data showed Optimism token has been trading between $2.03 and $2.46 in the last week. If buyer momentum continues to rise, Optimism price might surpass the $2.400 resistance. More bullish pressure could push the token to the $2.601 price level.

Pullix (PLX) Token Presale Skyrockets

In 2023, there has been an influx of new projects and upstarts that have seen meteoric growth. As a result, investors and traders are now paying more attention to new projects. One project that analysts have tipped to become the best ICO is Pullix. Let’s see what this project has to offer.

Pullix (PLX) is the world’s premier Trade-to-Earn token and community-supported exchange. Thanks to this functionality, users may swiftly trade many assets on one platform using one account. One of this platform’s best features is DeFi swap. This area simplifies token trading with cheap fees. 

Pullix Swap processes orders and transactions rapidly. This is due to the platform’s automated market maker model (AMM). This creates a user-friendly and efficient trading environment. Pullix uses a liquidity pool for transactions. This means you don’t have to wait to find an individual who matches your criteria. This makes token exchange rapid and cheap. 

Pullix has employed several methods to preserve and increase the price of its utility token, PLX. First, Pullix gives 10–30% of its income to the PLX token. By doing so, the token is assured to be volatility-resistant. Regular token burns will reduce the number of tokens in circulation.

Over time, the token’s value and scarcity should rise. Therefore, Pullix is among the best DeFi projects to explore. Its PLX token is at the first presale stage and is valued at only $0.042. Smart investors are already accumulating the token before its launch in January 2024.


Injective, Optimism, and Pullix are the crypto upstarts new and old crypto enthusiasts can try out for sustainable gains. For instance, Pullix is the best ICO in the crypto market. The project has taken steps like token burning to ensure its token offers sustainable growth.

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