MetaPocket Launches Revolutionary Sniperbot To Tackle Crypto Bear Market

As a leading GameFi crypto wallet where people can keep their crypto and also look out for the latest games available, the MetaPocket team has created a way for users to maximize their earnings, especially in a season when some of the new crypto projects are launching and launch tokens are getting snapped up quickly. 

Get Ahead of the Crowd for New Launches

The sniper bot gives users the power to buy any newly added token from PancakeSwap (which means everything on the BSC network) and Uniswap at unbelievable speeds – up to zero seconds from the time the liquidity transaction shows up in the mempool! This is done in a process called “frontrunning”, which is exactly what it sounds like: running at the front to get the first dibs on tokens before the price shoots up so that users can get the best profits.

The bot also has pro trading tools which allow users to set multiple functions such as limit orders and stop losses to plan their trading strategies.

Metapocket recommended settings work well, but users can take it up a notch by customizing parameters such as only entering liquidity of a certain size or setting when to take profit. Fees for using the bot are very low, allowing users to make more gains and roll into bigger profits.

Built on a strong foundation, the sniper bot is designed to offer ease of use, and snipers can just access the bot in its dAPP without complex programs or programming skills needed. Check out to explore it for yourself!


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