Influencer Campaigns at Cost Price: Blockwiz’s Biggest Move to Promote Crypto Projects

Promote Crypto Projects

Blockwiz, one of the largest crypto marketing firms, has launched its Key opinion leaders (KOLs) at cost price. The brand is taking this step to uplift and support crypto and Web3 projects from the depths of the bear market.

The revolutionary decision is the next step in supporting Blockwiz Global Cryptocurrency digital marketing company. The cryptocurrency market has been suffering from fake influencers and failed KOLs and influencer marketing strategies for the past few years. Since 2019, Blockwiz has been striving to achieve successful marketing results for their Clients. The new move aims to encourage crypto projects to achieve their marketing goals.

Individuals increasingly place more trust in influencers than in other marketing efforts. Our KOL and influencer services will raise client brand sales while giving them a more noticeable and expedient reach. Brands can establish credibility and gain the trust of potential customers through our popular influencers networks.

Dev Sharma- Founder and CEO Blockwiz

Blockwiz has a sound history of successful crypto influencer campaigns in the market. TOP cryptocurrency exchanges and Web3 projects have worked with Blockwiz to capture the market. KuCoin, Gamestar, Megaverse, XLA, Mudrex are some of the brands Blockwiz assisted in building their market presence.

KOLs at Cost Price

Providing KOLs aims to increase brand recognition by partnering with the right influencer to market their product and services. 

The businesses don’t have to worry about finding the influencer for their brand. Prices for these services will be fair and affordable, and eliminating additional costs will help brands market within their budget constraints.

According to the data, crypto firms have been compelled to prioritize digital initiatives and make budget adjustments due to shifting customer behavior and volatile market sentiments. building links with prominent KOLs and influencers who will help them spread the word and 10x their visibility in the crypto world.

Result-driven Influencer Campaigns

With a formal alliance with KuCoin, year-long cooperation with XLA and Mudrex, and an overview of the fantastic accomplishments made during this time with carefully thought-out crypto influencer initiatives, Blockwiz is thrilled to commemorate its second anniversary.

Since 2021, Blockwiz, a Toronto based agency that offers digital marketing services for web3 companies, has been associated with KuCoin, one of the top asset platforms in the world. Blockwiz has run promotional and dedicated YouTube campaigns with a number of well-known KOLs and mega-influencers, including Professor Crypto, Start Up Gyaan, Crypto Ciervo King, Mad Cripto, and Bitcoin Bro.

These initiatives earned 2000+ impressions on PR Mentions, 181K+ views on YouTube, and 142K+ likes on Twitter within the minimum time.

Blockwiz helped Mudrex to build market trust, encourage sign-ups, organize and deploy freebies, and promote its brand through KOL campaigns and influencer marketing to boost sales and brand recognition.

The campaign exceeded expectations with 175K+ impressions, 7900+ likes, and more than 36K+ Sign-ups on the Mudrex Platform.

Blockwiz collaborated with XLA. The marketing experts accepted the challenge of XLA brand building head-on and devised a plan to promote their inaugural “Founding Members” NFT Airdrop. The marketing efforts increased brand recognition to attract new users, engage current ones, and keep them engaged.

Influencers like Bitcoinbro, OxRocker, Matrix Guy, and Crypto Bri. Eth has done marketing efforts on Twitter and Discord for XLA. As a result, more than 250K views, 160K+ impressions, 3K+ likes, and 1.5K+ link hits.

Blockwiz’s FUD-less marketing campaigns are revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry. Furthermore, the KOLs and influencer campaign’s debut at cost price will make it possible for projects to collaborate with a reputable marketing agency and get started on the path to success. 

About the brand

Blockwiz is a full-stack crypto marketing agency founded by Dev Sharma. The brand was established in 2019 and is based out of Canada. Blockwiz provides a comprehensive range of data-driven marketing services, including influencer marketing, video creation, social media marketing, content writing, and PPC advertising. 

Blockwiz is a team of more than 85 full-time crypto expert, who have contributed to more than 150 plus successful projects, including Torum, Vauld, SugarBounce, Mosaico, RioDeFi, and others. They collaborate with well-known media outlets and important industry figures like CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, The Block,, and Cryptonews.

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