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Men Like Maxwell Drever Have Popularized the Concept of Affordable Housing for the Workforce Segment

Maxwell Drever

A home is the basic requirement for a secure life. If you have a quality house to live in, you are lucky! And yet there are many in the United States who don’t have a decent and safe home to stay in. A considerable part of this section comes under the workforce population, who has earnings of 80% to 120% of the area median income says Maxwell Drever. Additionally, the pandemic has aggravated the issue. It made people lose out on their job and thereby become unable to live up to the expectations of paying a high house rent. Hence, a considerable section of the workforce population shifted to rural and suburban areas to pay for their house. But most of them are staying in poor condition.

Living in poor conditions is not conducive for a good quality of life. It invariably leads to increased medical expenses because of health problems. But when the workforce population gets to stay in a decent house located close to their workplace, they can focus on their work, earn better, and have a secure life. They can also be more productive at work and have a work-life balance. Hence, it is essential to commence more affordable workforce housing units into construction. And people like Maxwell Drever have popularized this concept and are paving an awareness path for this. Having more low-cost accommodation units for the workforce population can also help to address and remedy the housing crisis.

The relevance of affordable workforce housing

The workforce population comprises of workers who provide us with essential services. Hence, if they aren’t living well, it will affect their work quality. As a result, the people who need their service, will also suffer. Therefore, to ensure that the workforce population is doing justice to their work, it is necessary to check if they have the right living conditions. The truth is that most of these people stay in shoddy and poor-quality houses, which brings down their life quality.

That is not all! Due to the pandemic, there are people in the United States who have become homeless as well. These people live on the streets and are vulnerable to the virus. Hence, they must have access to a house that they can afford and live safely.

The access to a better life

According to Maxwell Drever, when there are more affordable housing unit projects, it also generates an employment opportunity as well. The employers have a chance to retain their workforce and employees as well. And once the workforce population has a stable job opportunity, they can spend it to lead a better life.

Today, the government provides ample grants and funds to provide access to low-cost housing units. That aside, there are other authorities, developers, and real estate agents aiming to convert abandoned structures and hotels into low-cost housing units. It is growing trend in several cities in the United States. It doesn’t just help resolve the housing crisis but also helps in economic development.




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