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As Maxwell Drever Suggests, Solve Homelessness by Turning Vacant Hotels into Residential Units

Maxwell Drever

The problem of homelessness has taken a global stance. Various state laws help investors and developers convert vacant hotels into residential properties says Maxwell Drever. These days, more and more individuals are facing the issue of eviction.

  • The workforce population residing in the suburban areas has to travel long distances to reach their job location.
  • The industrial centers do not have appropriate residential units to cater to the requirement of the workforce population.
  • Hence, various developers and investors are working to reduce this gap between the demand and supply of affordable residential units.
  • By enacting legislation and easing building codes and zoning protocols, governments ensure that these projects get completed on time.


Fix it


Housing programs help non-profit agencies and developers invest in this sector. Remember that hotel owners and property landlords didn’t have access to revenues in the pandemic scenario. Most of the hotels are on the verge of sale. The reduction of revenues and the overall impact on the operation were devastating. Hence, they were losing out on their regular business. Several hotel owners are trying to re-transform their hotel rooms into residential properties to ensure real-time profit. The hotel to apartment conversion takes time and effort. Along with this, Maxwell Drever believes proper analysis of local rules and regulations is fundamental.

The prices of hotel properties are mounting like never before. It’s because they have the potential of getting transformed into apartments. Along with this, the real estate industry is also opening up new opportunities for non-profit investors. Hotel to housing conversion has increased by 30% in the last few years. Along with the inflation and interest rate, materials, labor, and construction costs are also mounting. Thus, transformation is a better alternative to new construction.


Analyze the neighborhood


Before undertaking the conversion, hotel owners have to assess the neighborhood. By understanding local building codes and zoning provisions, hotel owners can fix this issue of homelessness. Remember that the budget proposal and the requirement of funding are well-established issues. When governments provide grants and incentives to hotel owners, it allows for better conversion and brings in more affordable residential units.

State legislatures and federal institutions are boosting the availability of money to fund the conversion. More than 2,50,000,000 cash is now available for the transaction. The higher officials are planning to figure out housing policy measures for easing the conversion process and solving the issue of homelessness, stresses Maxwell Drever. It is significant for hotel owners to work on their budget and understand their available resources before they begin the conversion.


The effect of local programs


While hotel conversion is a costly process, it is much cheaper than new construction. The creation of new shelters has provided people with better life quality for the workforce. With this backdrop, new laws and rules are coming into the scenario to boost the housing supply.

Laws are now working as a financial mechanism to purchase and convert distressed rooms into residential units. By triggering building codes, federal governments can support these projects impressively. After the review process is over, they can initiate the project and work on a time frame to ensure it completes on time.


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