Melega Space and MelegaSwap Partner With Child Support in a New Marketing Deal

Melega Space and MelegaSwap Partner With Child Support in a New Marketing Deal

Child Support is a decentralized autonomous charity powered by blockchain technology and smart contracts, offering solutions for charity organizations to accept crypto as a charity and leverage the decentralization, autonomy, and transparency provided by the space.

The decentralized project, which also functions as an investment product, combines a number of the benefits of other well-known cryptocurrencies, including Dash and Bitcoin, with special community-building features and a ground-breaking technique that allows investors to profit each time a transaction is carried out

The primary rationale for child support is the serious “trust” issues that non-profit organizations must deal with. A third of Americans don’t think charitable organizations will use their donations wisely, and more than 60% of people around the world don’t think they can accomplish their goals.

Even though the global non-profit market is currently estimated to be worth $2 trillion, the majority of these platforms for charitable giving lack the most fundamental elements of openness and transparency in how they use and distribute donations.

The ability of nonprofit organizations to successfully engage donors is constrained by their reputation if it lacks honesty, integrity, and transparency. This prevalent lack of trust and transparency, which are what we can term the most essential behaviors in the charity sector, is bringing down the image of the entire industry and other loyal organizations within it.

However, an improved and decentralized mechanism is what is most needed in order to safeguard the reputation of the industry and operate effectively without giving a single chance for mismanagement.

This is where Child Support enters the picture. It functions as a go-to platform that links the nonprofit sector by offering an ecosystem of services through an intuitive user interface, enabling complete transparency and donation traceability. Building a group of like-minded and trustworthy people around the project is the initiative’s primary objective, with helping children all over the world as its primary focus.

In fact, the Child Support Project not only aids in reviving the nearly lost faith of the sector, but it also helps both established and emerging organizations in gaining the trust of donors.

Fundraising, support, and donations will significantly increase as trust and confidence improve, as people will believe that a charity has nothing to hide and that the governing board is trusted by the general public to manage all resources effectively. These are now made possible by the use of smart contracts that Child Support has leveraged. As smart contracts operate on the blockchain, there is no chance of censorship, downtime, fraud, or outside interference. They operate exactly as unanimously intended.

The community most recently gathered a considerable sum in a short period of time, totaling 13.22 BNB ($4200 USD), which was donated today to the people of Turkey who were affected by the recent earthquakes. The funds were intended to give thousands of children who were impacted by these terrible events access to life-saving necessities like food rations, clean water, and emergency accommodation.

It also provided similar assistance in places like Pakistan, where nearly 4 million orphans live in poverty without access to education, health care, or food. Other philanthropic endeavors will be subsequently embarked on when the need arises.

Child Support is a dependable platform for community exchange with NFT collection and advanced features like reward, redistribution, and burn. Child Support has developed a cryptocurrency token called “Child Support” or “CS” with greater advantages by fusing the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

This BEP-20 token enables quick, secure, and open transactions, supporting and promoting the project’s healthy and widespread usage as well as decentralization. Meanwhile, the Child Support Token will be used for all exchanges and transactions within the Child Support ecosystem.

$CS is currently listed on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange, and it is set to go live on the BitMart exchange and many other ones in the near future.

In one of its latest developments, Child Support has partnered with MelegaSwap, the world’s top Automated Market Maker (AMM) decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, and Melega Space, the Crypto Services Hub of the same ecosystem, to plan global marketing actions to spread globally its vision of developing an entirely novel kind of charity with sustainable charitable donations flowing from individuals through charitable organizations to the other side while having a much greater impact.

Melega Space is a subsidiary of Melega Finance that helps new blockchain and cryptocurrency projects choose the best exchanges to work with for their listing partners, develop the best listing strategy based on their budget, provide digital marketing strategies that include native article marketing and media channel management, offer a wide range of legal services, and provide additional services like security audits and community building and management, among other things.

Their knowledgeable and skilled team plays a crucial role in elevating cryptocurrency projects and providing pertinent assistance to make them successful in the long run. This support includes everything from fundraising to project outreach.

Along with free access to the Melega community, projects that partner with Melega Space also receive free access to some specific benefits, like a dedicated banner and a permanent default listing of their tokens on Leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Probit Global, Emirex Exchange, Tarmex, Vindax, HotCoin Global, and KickEx are partners with the Melega Space team.

This collaboration, however, will enable the Child Support Initiative to reach charity organizations globally and help push forward a platform where people can freely utilize their crypto assets in a fully secure, seamless, and affordable online environment.

As a community-focused project that aims to positively impact all of its supporters, loyal holders and influencers of Child Support are regarded as the most valuable assets within the ecosystem and will be entitled to a dedicated 1% of all buy and sell transactions.


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