Stradall Play-to-Earn Game is Redefining Blockchain Gaming

A report by Market and Markets opined that the blockchain gaming market will hit $65.7 billion by 2027 from its valuation of $4.6 billion in 2022. Due to the market’s promising future, numerous blockchain-based gaming projects have been launched by industry players seeking part of the market share. The Stradall P2O trading card motor racing crypto game is one of many such endeavors.

Stradall is made up of experts from a variety of ecosystems to represent the real-world automobile industry accurately. The video game merges the fields of automobiles, video games, virtual currencies, and non-fungible tokens.

More Details About Stradall Card Game

Stradall is a virtual card-based game that enables users and players to trade, auction, collect, and manage rare cards. Players take on the role of game managers, constructing garages and assembling racing squads to compete in online racing competitions. The Stradall game combines elements of three different genres: play-to-win, web3 real-life experience, and car games to offer a wholesome experience to users.

The gameplay system combines over 15 real-world characteristics and features for each high-end vehicle. Managers also have to keep their virtual facilities and teams in tip-top racing shape so that they may compete in a variety of online auto races housed within the game. The usage of blockchain technology guarantees the cards’ authenticity and scarcity, allowing players to trade and utilize their vehicle cards freely.

To play, gamers first need to acquire in-game assets, participate in races, and unlock real-world benefits. 

The Stradall Native Token Metanol ($MTNL)

The $MTNL token is an ERC-20-compliant token that serves two purposes for the Stradall ecosystem. It functions as both a utility token and a governance token. As a utility token, it will serve as the currency with which players will pay fees and purchase in-game assets like cards, avatars, and other collectibles in the marketplace. 

As a governance token, it will confer on holders the power to be part of the decision-makers for the game. These token holders will vote regarding the governance and future trajectory of Stradall in the form of a DAO. 

Stradall Prestigious Car Races

These races are in three categories: the Duel, Race, and Grand  Prix. The duel category is made up of two participants, and the winner takes the leader card of his opponent. There is a small entrance fee for this racing category. On the hand, the race category comprises 20 participants with a big entrance fee for all. In this category, the winner will take the leader card of the player that finished last. The third and final category, which is the Grand Prix is open to an unlimited number of participants where the top winners get rewarded with $MTNL and NFTs. 


With its revolutionary and novel features, Stradall has shown that it has what it takes to take the blockchain gaming world by storm. Aside from its first-of-its-kind gaming model, the team plans to integrate a DAO in the near future. The implication is that the project will be in complete control of the Stradall community. As a game with huge prospects, the future certainly looks bright for Stradall. You can visit the website for more information and details about the game. 


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