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Meet Vicky Barker: The Dacxi Chain CMO Helping Take Equity Crowdfunding Global

Web 3.0 has entered the building, and it’s brought a game-changing toolkit of tech with it. Innovative Web 3.0 tools like blockchain and tokenization have the power to rebuild entire industries from the ground up. But it takes a particular brand of visionary to effectively wield them. Someone armed with both on-the-ground technical expertise, and bigger-than-big-picture thinking. Someone like Vicky Barker; Chief Marketing Officer of Dacxi Chain.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Vicky has spent the last six years immersed deep into the world of digital assets. Today, she’s bringing her wealth of brand-building experience to Dacxi Chain; the innovative Platform as a Service (PaaS) bringing Web 3.0 to the world of equity crowdfunding. 

We spoke with Vicky about the unique challenges facing blockchain-led businesses, the strategy behind the Dacxi Chain brand, and what it feels like to shape the future of an entire industry. 


Dacxi Chain is set to transform equity crowdfunding. For those who aren’t familiar with the industry, can you explain why it needs transforming in the first place?

Absolutely. Over the years, equity crowdfunding (eCF) has taken amazing strides towards creating a fairer and more democratic investment landscape. But there are a few major issues holding it back from really putting the ‘crowd’ into crowdfunding. 

One of the very biggest issues is eCF’s lack of global scale. To cut a long story short, expanding into overseas markets is just too complicated and expensive for most eCF platforms to even attempt. Instead, they stay local – which generally means staying small. And smaller platforms means a smaller pool of investors, a smaller selection of deals, and a smaller chance that either entrepreneurs or investors will achieve the outcomes they’re looking for. 

With Web 3.0 in the picture, we now have the power to tear down a huge number of the barriers currently stopping eCF platforms from going global. For the whole industry, this means very, very big things. Bigger investor pools, bigger variety of deals, bigger capital raises, and bigger ideas becoming a reality. 


Why is Dacxi Chain the solution to taking equity crowdfunding global? 

Dacxi Chain is an innovative PaaS, designed to bring Web 3.0’s most revolutionary tools to equity crowdfunding. We’re empowering eCF platforms to achieve global scale, and we’re doing it by providing the two key components they’ve so far been missing:

The network and the technology.

So first up, the network. Dacxi Chain connects eCF platforms all over the world into a singular global network. Up until now, eCF platforms have always operated in silos. But by joining Dacxi Chain, they can tap into the audiences of every single other platform in the network. So they can launch deals to thousands more investors, and get more capital raised more quickly. In the eCF landscape this network approach is totally unique. It’s a genuine world-first, and it’s something we’re just so thrilled to be able to bring to the industry.

Second, but equally important, is the technology. If the network is the big-picture collaborative game-changer, the technology is the detailed toolkit that enables it. Web 3.0 and its tools – like blockchain, tokenization, smart contracts, and decentralization – are all still emerging tech. They’re highly sophisticated and can be difficult to understand, let alone harness. But Dacxi Chain makes it easy for eCF platforms to integrate these tools directly into their businesses. We’re like the bridge between eCF platforms and Web 3.0. By integrating our APIs, they can offer quick, easy, and secure cross-border transactions, without getting bogged down in a sea of red tape. 

With this powerful two-pronged approach, Dacxi Chain isn’t just changing the game – we’re redefining the entire playground. We want to create a world where every equity crowdfunding platform, no matter how small, can tap into a thriving global network. Expanding their reach, deal-flow, and investor base. That’s the reality we’re building, and to say I’m excited about it is probably the understatement of the century!


Dacxi Chain’s compelling story is only part of the equation; the way that story is told is also key. What’s the marketing strategy behind sharing Dacxi Chain with the world? 

You’re completely right; the way a story is shared can often say as much as the story itself. And while Dacxi Chain’s story is incredibly powerful, the tech and concepts behind it aren’t necessarily simple. So we have a big education job to do, for sure. 

But we’re also hard at work building the bigger picture of the Dacxi Chain brand; global equity crowdfunding’s most reliable, innovative, inspirational and indispensable voice.

To help us kick both these goals, we’ve developed a multi-faceted, five-pillar marketing strategy:

  1. Thought Leadership

    We’re weaving the global equity crowdfunding narrative through a series of in-depth content. We’re telling this nuanced story in a range of mediums – from webinars, to articles, to eBooks. Creating a go-to info hub full of resources and insights, so everyone can join us on the journey.

  2. Community Building

    We’ve built a community that’s not just engaged, they’re evangelical. They’re a huge asset – helping spread the word, raise funds, and build our credibility. We value this community so, so highly, and we see them as co-creators of this new eCF reality.

  3. Strategic Partnerships

    We’re very selective about who we partner with. We team with trusted existing eCF platforms, financial experts, and key influencers. They all help us amplify our reach, increase credibility, and share our story far wider.

  4. Laser-Focused Targeting

    Dacxi Chain is quite unique, in that we have a highly specialized market of around 1,000 potential equity crowdfunding partners. This means we can carefully design every piece of collateral to resonate with this specific audience. There’s no irrelevant content, no filler. Just highly tailored, high-value insights.

  5. Data-driven Optimisation

    Finally, we’re obsessed with performance. We use every single interaction and partnership as a data point, which we then use to refine and perfect our platform and maximise our ROI. We’re always optimising, and forever staying a step or two (or three) ahead.


What are some of the biggest marketing challenges facing blockchain-led businesses like Dacxi Chain?

This is such a good question. Of course, every brand faces their own marketing challenges. But businesses built on brand-new tech, like blockchain, come with a very specific consideration set. 

Trust and adoption is a huge one. It’s ironic, because blockchain itself literally has trust built into it. It’s a totally immutable leger, which means it can’t be tampered with. But as a concept it’s still so new. The new is unknown, and people have always found it hard to trust in the unknown. This is why building strong relationships with the world’s most credible crowdfunding platforms is key. We continually build relationships, innovate our platform, and nurture our community, to help foster that sense of trust.

Complexity of messaging is also a biggie. At its heart, Dacxi Chain’s story is very simple; we’re democratizing investing. But that story’s individual chapters can be overwhelmingly complex. The systemic barriers eCF faces, the regulatory landscape, the emerging tech of Web 3.0, blockchain and tokenization…none of these concepts can be easily covered in a 30 second elevator pitch. And as for the idea of completely redefining the investment landscape as we know it? I mean, it’s just so mind-bogglingly massive. Distilling these world-shaping concepts into simple, memorable, easy-to-grasp terms is a huge challenge. But hey, that’s what marketing is here for!

Finally, and this is an interesting one…for many tech-led businesses, keeping pace with the latest innovations would be another constant battle. But at Dacxi Chain, we really don’t see it that way. The thing is, we’re not reacting to a possible future – we’re shaping it ourselves. So keeping up-to-date isn’t an issue for us. We’re too busy staying three steps ahead.


Having owned your own businesses, you’ve racked up experience across multiple departments, facets, and disciplines. What keeps you coming back to marketing for more?

I’ve always been so drawn to the alchemy of marketing. It’s this amazing blend of psychology, creativity, and strategy – I find it endlessly fascinating. I’ll never get over the thrill of seeing a campaign through from the tiny seed of an idea to the beautiful execution out in the world. 

For Dacxi Chain specifically, the marketing journey has been so rewarding. In this emerging tech landscape, new challenges, new opportunities, and new paradigms are popping up every single day. There’s no room (or time!) for complacency or boredom.

The other thing about Dacxi Chain is that it’s so much more than marketing a product or a service. It’s marketing empowerment. We’re giving crowdfunding platforms the tools to scale beyond their wildest ambitions. We’re offering entrepreneurs financial jet fuel for their ideas. We’re providing everyday investors a chance to make life-changing investments. We’re not building a brand, we’re building a movement. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?


What do you find the most challenging aspect of your work with Dacxi Chain?

This is an easy one. Without doubt, it’s the fact that what we’re doing has never been done before. We’re building the world’s first global equity crowdfunding network. We’re using new tools in new ways to take the eCF industry in an entirely new direction. There’s no playbook, no roadmap, and no guarantee. It’s equal parts exciting and terrifying!

I try keeping the terror to a minimum by relying on our amazing team’s collective skills, fostering a collaborative culture, and touching base with our partners on a day-to-day (sometimes even hour-to-hour) basis. We also test, test, and test again. We stay nimble and roll everything out in phases, so we can analyze and adjust as needed along the way. 

But what really ups the excitement is my deep-rooted belief in what Dacxi Chain stands for. The sheer impact and transformative potential of our work keeps me inspired, and drives me to break new ground every single day.


Now that we’ve covered the most challenging aspect, what do you find most rewarding?

Where do I even start? There are so many rewarding moments, and the list grows every day. There’s the free-fall feeling of being at the forefront of technology. The amazing relationships we’re building with our foundational partners – some of the most respected in the industry. And then there’s seeing my own incredible team grow from strength to strength.

But if I had to pick just one, the most rewarding part has to be our core mission. Dacxi Chain is leading a revolution to democratize the investment landscape. I feel so lucky that being part of something bigger than myself is literally part of my job. 

The way we think about crowdfunding, investment, and entrepreneurial growth…it’s all about to change forever. The fact that I get to contribute to this global transformation, and see its amazing ripple effect from day one? That’s not just rewarding. It’s completely thrilling.


If you’re captivated by Dacxi Chain’s vision to revolutionize equity crowdfunding, don’t miss their upcoming capital raise. Australian investors can register via Equitise, those in the UK through Angels Den, and elsewhere you’re free to choose either platform. To delve deeper into Dacxi Chain’s mission, visit

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