The Dacxi Chain Review: The new crowdfunding system on the blockchain

Meet the new crowdfunding system on the blockchain; the Dacxi Chain. The Dacxi Chain applies tokenization to equity shares, creating digital versions of shareholdings that can be easily transferred globally. No borders, no boundaries, and no barriers. 

The Dacxi Chain’s use of tokenization and blockchain technology set it poles apart from the existing early-stage funding systems available. So let’s explore what this – and other key factors – means for the world’s innovators and investors. 

Crowdfunding today vs. the tokenized crowdfunding of tomorrow. 

As of today, early-stage companies are usually funded by the founder’s family and friends, crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, or angel investors and VCs. None of these options are ideal. 

The pool of family and friends is often small, and can quickly run dry. Getting venture capitalists involved often means losing the controlling stake in your own company. Crowdfunding is the only option with any real potential, but so far, the system as we know it has failed to live up to the challenge. Globally, crowdfunding only sees about $10 billion in funding raised each year. Considering the massive scale of innovation happening all over the world – and the massive amount of money needed to fund it – this quite simply doesn’t cut it. 

This concerning lack of options means that fantastic new ventures fall by the wayside. And the world suffers for it. It’s impossible to calculate the enormity of the economic and social loss that comes with the loss of these great ideas. 

But perhaps all is not lost. If crowdfunding’s biggest issues could be solved, smaller-scale investors could fill the innovation funding gap. But how can crowdfunding issues possibly be solved? Through tokenization. 

The Dacxi Chain uses tokenization to create a thriving global marketplace for early-stage company funding. By creating tokenized versions of company shares, the Dacxi Chain brings a level of simplicity and ease never yet seen in this space. This greater ease leads to a bigger scale, as suddenly, large numbers of smaller-scale investors have the ability to get some skin in the game. Investors and entrepreneurs can enjoy seamless and trustless connections, made possible through the unique features of blockchain technology. 

Tokenized crowdfunding’s core features. 

You can’t create a worldwide equity funding system without first establishing trust. And that goes for all sides of the equation. Investors must trust that their capital will be safe. Entrepreneurs must trust that they’ll be able to get the funds they need – and the support they need in accessing those funds, too. And both must trust that their shareholding ownership is immutably recorded, and can’t be changed without their explicit consent. Not only that; but any value growth also needs to be transparently recorded and democratically distributed. 

All this is to say, trust is core to the Dacxi Chain. And it’s made possible by blockchain technology’s unique trustless system. 

The trustless features of the Dacxi Chain, as covered on their own website, include: 

  1. Trustless equity custody 
  2. Tokenization of equity ownership
  3. International investor [KYC] verification
  4. Trustless transaction solutions
  5. Trustless share registry solutions
  6. Network of tokenized Secondary Exchanges 

Bringing liquidity to crowdfunding. 

Early-stage funding is known as a fairly illiquid investment. Once you’re in, you’re often locked in for years – in fact, seven years on average. Most will only recoup their funds upon the sale or listing of the company they invested in. For many investors, this illiquidity is a major turn-off. 

Dacxi Chain’s use of tokenization turns crowdfunding into a much more liquid market. Tokens can be bought and sold anytime, anywhere, through the Dacxi Chain’s sophisticated network of equity exchanges. This suddenly makes crowdfunding a much more flexible and attractive opportunity.

Local teams around the world.

Another key to building trust is the presence of real people within the system. This is something the Dacxi Chain team has recognized and prioritized. The Dacxi Chain incorporates the human element, with physical offices on the ground in each territory the system operates within. These hubs are a place for investors and innovators to gain support and information from Dacxi Chain representatives, who genuinely want to see them succeed. 

Who is tokenized crowdfunding for?

The Dacxi Chain is designed to help three different audiences. 

  1. Investors. Through the Dacxi Chain’s global network, investors will have access to more deals, which means more choices, and more opportunities to seek out and invest in the next big thing. 
  2. Innovators. For entrepreneurs who live outside Silicon Valley, gaining funding has felt like a long and constant battle. The Dacxi Chain provides a ready and willing pool of investors located anywhere from Bangkok to Brazil. With this massive and captive global audience, the chances of getting that much-needed funding are much higher. 
  3. Venture funders. Venture funders also face an issue of scale; the number of opportunities they can promote is incredibly limited. The more deals on offer, the more money venture funders will be able to make. 

Dacxi Coin: The cryptocurrency of the Dacxi Chain.

Finally, we can’t mention the Dacxi Chain without mentioning its native cryptocurrency; Dacxi Coin (DACXI). This ERC20 utility token is created using the more sustainable proof-of-stake protocol. It’s the engine behind the Dacxi Chain, used throughout the ecosystem – as a facilitator of global transfers, for node writer staking, for paying blockchain fees, and more. For savvy investors, there are several interesting Dacxi Coin points to take note of:

  • Once the Dacxi Chain has successfully launched, the volume of Dacxi Coin required to power it (and thus demand for the coin itself) could reach the billions 
  • Buying and selling Dacxi Coin is simple and can be done via HitBTC, BitForex, UNISWAP, and CONSBIT, and at 
  • As a proof of stake crypto, Dacxi Coin (and the Dacxi Chain) is a sustainable option
  • Holders of Dacxi Coin have the ability to earn additional interest on the coins that they use for staking on the network.


The Dacxi Chain has a big goal; to revolutionize crowdfunding, and unlock the world’s innovation potential. With its clever use of tokenization and blockchain technology, it may well achieve this remarkable aim. Final takeaways to remember include:

  • The Dacxi Chain tokenizes equity shareholdings
  • It uses blockchain technology to facilitate trustless transactions
  • It adds liquidity to the crowdfunding market
  • The Dacxi Chain has teams of real people based around the world
  • It has its own native utility token (Dacxi Coin). 

Discover more details on the Dacxi Chain at

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