Meet Seoulstars: the newest KPOP NFT

Cryptocurrencies and all of their related systems keep steadily growing in popularity and NFTs are certainly no exception. Games have begun to incorporate them wherever they see the option which has given birth to many different blockchain and NFT games. These games give you true ownership over each item in the game and even allow you to make money if you have the skill and know-how to do so.


This brings us to one of the latest and greatest NFT games, Seoul stars. K-pop and NFTs together is a combination we never knew we wanted but is something we needed. It’s not surprising that it was created given the massive popularity K-pop groups have garnered worldwide. We’ll cover the most interesting parts of the game in this article, without further ado let’s get right into it.


What is Seoulstars?


Seoulstars is one of the newest and most interesting NFT games to be released and strives to combine K-pop and NFTs in as genuine and interesting away as possible. If you are a fan of both then this game is practically made for you. While the combination may seem odd to some it’s done tastefully and wasn’t rushed. It’s obvious that there was a lot of thought put into adding elements of both worlds and it’s very nice to see that real effort was put into this.


The game features as expected the purchase, trade, and sales of in-game NFTs which we will go into more detail later. The game is also pay-to-earn or sing-to-earn as it is called in the game which means that if you invest enough time and energy, while also knowing what you’re doing you can profit off of playing the game which is always a massive benefit to those who want to try it out anyway.


What NFTs are in the game?


The main NFTs you can purchase in the game are those of Yuna, a virtual K-pop artist which will release albums, and music and host concerts. There is a slew of NFTs and all of them give Yuna a unique appearance. This is nothing new for blockchain games but it’s always nice to have a unique appearance for your NFTs. You of course need an NFT to be able to play the game in the first place as is standard, but we believe it to be worth the investment as you can make it back potentially.


There are multiple benefits to owning a Yuna NFT as stated by the developers. The first Yuna NFT holders earned 10% off of her first album and 5% from her first few concerts. Rare NFT holders even had the chance to meet the people behind the game and even have some lessons with the song-maker. That alongside the ability to play the game made it well worth it for those who were among the first to buy Yuna NFTs and most had been happy with their investments for multiple reasons.




Seoulstars is an interesting new take on the NFT game trend and it’s a combination that in hindsight seems like a very natural pick. The game features a lot of unique aspects and has an inherent draw for people who like K-pop and Asia in general due to all the different elements present in the game. Putting on your favorite K-pop album and enjoying the world of Seoulstars is a perfect way to unwind after a long day in our opinion, and who knows, maybe you even manage to earn money from your latest hobby which is a dream come true.

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