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Wizarre: The Ultimate NFT Game Level Up!

Are you ready to step into a world of magic and adventure? Look no further than Wizarre, the revolutionary NFT game where you can assemble your own Wizard team and engage in turn-based battles with other players. With impressive skills and powers, your Wizard’s appearance is visually represented by specific body parts and weapons, each reflecting unique elements of magic.

Despite the challenges facing many crypto projects, Wizarre has managed to thrive thanks to a well-planned strategy and a strong community. In late 2021, Wizarre released the SCRL token, which has proven to be a resilient and promising asset in the crypto world throughout 2022. Since the Alpha release, the game’s developers have constantly updated gameplay with exciting features and mechanics, incorporating feedback from the community to ensure that the game is constantly evolving.

And now, with the release of Patch 0.8, there are even more exciting features to enjoy. You can embark on quests and earn rewards, including NFT Wizards and Mystery Enhancement Bundles. With a limited number of quests available, active players have the chance to win multiple NFT Wizards out of over 250!

The Ultimate Spell mechanic has been reworked to make battles even more strategic and less random, which is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. And if you’re looking to express your own unique style, Wizard appearance customization has been introduced with hats, masks, and staffs in seven different forms and three different colors, allowing for thousands of different visual combinations.

These are just some of the exciting updates in Patch 0.8, and we encourage you to check out Wizarre for yourself to see everything the game has to offer. Despite the challenges facing many crypto projects, Wizarre has survived and thrived thanks to a well-planned strategy and an engaged community. It’s a hidden gem that deserves your attention, and you can download it for free on the website. So why not dive in and start exploring this magical world today?


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