MediBloc Partners with PolicyPal Network for a Decentralized healthcare experience

Knowledge is key to understanding. Taking it in context of medicine, a detailed record of patient health history can make all the difference in diagnosing the correct disease and avoid giving the wrong medication that can turn out to be fatal.

A detailed medical record, containing all the issues the patient has faced during his or her lifetime, is one of the most important collections of documents anyone can possess. With modern technology, the records have mostly moved from paper-based to electronic form, available for medical practitioners to view on their computers at any time they require them. These, Electronic Medical Records, or EMR, are the lifeline of millions of people around the world.

Issues In Current Forms of EMR

EMR, as the name suggests, are electronic forms of patient medical records. One would be led to believe that with virtual and soft forms of the records, there is a large improvement in the storage, retrieval, and availability of patient health history. That is very true, in absolute terms. However, there are still a lot of issues in the current system that is causing a number of issues to both patients and doctors:

  • Not Patient Property: Logically, the medical records of a person should be his or her property. Yet, that is not the case. Medical records are primarily under the control of medical practitioners, or the institute they work at. This means if a patient were to switch his medical facility, the new one would not have his or her medical history, leading to increased difficulty in diagnosing an issue or not taking into account a complication that would be affecting the current health status.
  • Isolated Data: Even if the patient were allowed access to the EMR, the isolated and centralized condition the data is stored means it is vulnerable to corruption and loss. If the computer storing the EMR stops working or a virus disrupts the data, the medical record would be effectively gone.
  • Storage Formatting: There are a number of different EMR software packages commercially available, with each having its own file storage and retrieval protocols. A switch by the patient of professional medical help means that there is little chance the latter one is using the same software as the former. A data export by the previous one would not always be compatible with the new software. At best, a partial compatibility would be possible. This again means the loss of crucial data during transfer.

What Does MediBloc Offer?

With a medical data storage system built on the blockchain, MediBloc is a decentralized EMR that is designed to counter the issues faced by patients and medical professionals. The platform offers:

  • Patient Property: Medical records and history of a patient are his/hers. Why should someone else be in control of a person’s private data? With MediBloc, patients are finally in control.
  • Decentralized Data: With multiple copies stored in a secure and encrypted manner, there is no fear of loss of data even if multiple storage locations are affected simultaneously. The data will always be available through one or more decentralized server.
  • Formatting: By using a single network to access EMR by professionals, this means that there will be no need to export or convert one format of data into another. Doctors and other medical personnel will always have complete data to view and make correct diagnosis and treatment.

PolicyPal Partnership

MediBloc recently has achieved a major milestone by collaborating with PolicyPal Network, another decentralized platform, but which specializes in medical insurances. The partnership has two major tasks at hand: protecting the MediBloc platform through CryptoProtect insurance and integration of their two services to give users an easier, faster and cheaper insurance.

CryptoProtect is an insurance product primarily designed for digital assets and execution through automated smart contracts. These insurances, under the control of smart contracts, are professional ones, with each type scrutinized and checked by AA rated insurers as underwriters to give the same level of protection as established ones.

With the partnership, each of the platforms gives a wealth of customer base to the other. MediBloc users, who store their EMR for medical professionals can now also get themselves insured through PolicyPal, giving them near instantaneous payout in case they need to claim an insurance. Vice versa, PolicyPal’s users, who primarily use the platform for digital, decentralized insurances, can now have their EMR’s shifted to MediBloc and gain access to thousands of medical professionals on the network.

With continued support to each of the platform and their users, MediBloc is in a position to become one the leading insurance and EMR platforms in the world.

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