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Master The Art Of Selecting The Ideal Sliding Door Wardrobe Online For Your Bedroom

Whether you are upgrading your bedroom or your current faulty wardrobe, choosing the right wardrobe is extremely important. Among the many styles of wardrobes, a free-standing sliding door wardrobe is flexible and, when chosen properly, makes a major difference in the appeal of your bedroom. It is not about picking the best-looking sliding wardrobe; it is about finding one that complements your room, meets storage requirements, and reflects your style. This blog delves into the world of sliding door wardrobes and helps you choose the perfect one for your home.

Why Choose Sliding Wardrobes?

Adds A Modern Touch To The Bedroom

A sliding wardrobe combines functionality with style like none other. One of the most important benefits of this type of wardrobe is that it is space-saving. Unlike hinged door wardrobes, which need extra room to open, sliding rooms glide along a track without occupying space and are ideal for compact bedrooms. So now you can use the room’s floor area for other furniture or access the wardrobe without worry of door clearance.

Design Versatility

Another advantage of sliding wardrobes is that they are available in an array of colours, materials, and finishes, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with existing decor. With their design versatility, they can also be the focal point of the room. You can add mirrors to the door panels to add brightness and depth or choose a wooden finish to add cosy warmth to the room.


The sliding wardrobes have customisation options that go beyond aesthetics. The sliding doors can be made to fit any size wardrobe to maximise storage. They come with choices of adjustable shelves, hanging spaces, racks, etc, to provide a storage solution that can evolve with changing needs.


Compared to other types of wardrobe online, the sliding doors are more durable. The wardrobe designs use robust mechanisms and materials made for smooth operation and long life. Most brands use high-quality rollers and tracks to reduce wear and tear, ensuring the wardrobe looks great and functions well for many years.

Ease Of Access

These wardrobes provide easy access to contents and make finding what you need quick. So you spend less time getting ready, and it helps efficiency. Plus, with many customisations and smart design choices, you can enjoy a clutter-free space as everything you have has a designated space.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Sliding Wardrobes


Measure The Space

Anyone planning to buy a wardrobe should first measure the available space in the room. While taking measurements especially consider the width, depth and height to avoid the space looking cramped with an oversized wardrobe. Whether you choose sliding or hinged doors make sure there is enough space for smooth closing and opening of the door.

Storage Needs

Determine your storage needs so that you can pick the best configurations based on your requirements. Choose an ample number of drawers and shelves for your accessories, folded clothes, and other trinkets that do not need much space. For shirts, coats, dresses, etc. that need to be hung, choose a suitable hanger. If you don’t plan to buy a shoe rack or have many shoes, then there should be a dedicated space for shoe storage.


Buy a wardrobe online that complements the bedroom decor. Some of the common but popular styles are:

  • Modern: These have a chic style and have small handles with smooth curves.
  • Traditional: These are elegant designs with classic designs or with wooden moulding.
  • Contemporary: These are a fusion of vernacular and contemporary architecture, using high-tech detailing and styling. They come in many materials and finishes.

The wardrobe style should complement the look of the room. Whether you have a contemporary or a traditional one, many options are available that match your decor style and preferences. If you are looking to make a bold statement, opt for unique finishes or patterns. For a minimalist style opt for neutral colours and sleek lines to blend effortlessly into any decor.


Wood, which can be solid wood or engineered wood, is the best material for all furniture, including wardrobe. Sheesham wood is one of the popular hardwoods that are known for its natural finish, versatility and durability. If you want a more affordable option, then you can choose engineered wood, which comes in many finishes and complements all interior styles. You can also choose glass or mirrored doors to create an illusion of space and also make the room look chic and sophisticated.

Quality Of Hardware

The quality of hardware used in sliding wardrobes is essential not only for smooth and silent operation but also for durability and longevity. Ensure that you choose wardrobes that have high-quality tracks so that the doors slide smoothly without any challenges. For internal structures of the wardrobe, ensure that there is a soft-close mechanism so that there is no slamming, which saves the door from quick wear and tear.


There is always an ongoing debate about cost vs quality even for luxury wardrobes. Keep a reasonable budget that you can afford but keep in mind quality. Though it may be a little costly upfront, investing in long-lasting and high-quality sliding wardrobes is worth the money as there will be no need for frequent repairs or replacements. If it exceeds the budget, look out for discounts or sales online.

Choosing the right sliding wardrobe is the finishing touch needed for your bedroom’s aesthetics. It is not just about style but also functionality. Armed with the above factors, you can now make informed decisions and buy a wardrobe that suits your style and meets your needs. If you are looking for incredible designs and the latest wardrobes check out Wakefit’s collection online.

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