Making Maths Fun for Students to Overcome Maths Anxiety

Maths anxiety

It’s the same scenery in Singapore elementary classrooms over and over: The bell rings, the teacher tells the children to take out their math work, and this is followed by collective groans of disappointment. When it comes to learning math, this is the Waterloo of almost every elementary student. However, there are proven methods to make math more fun to learn while helping children love the learning journey and overcome math anxiety.

Unfortunately, teachers – especially in maths – are under pressure to finish all topics and lessons stipulated strictly in the syllabus. Those who cannot finish on time face disciplinary action at the end of the school year. But children can still learn maths in a fun and discovering manner through private home tutors or maths private tuition in Singapore.

But first, what is math anxiety?

Math anxiety is a problem that affects students worldwide and not just in Singapore. It is caused by a child’s constant frustration associated with the inability to understand math concepts. When other stress factors are added, this creates a low self-confidence for the child who may end up dreading math his or her whole life.

  • Difficulty factor – When a child struggles to keep up with math homework or understand lessons, they become disengaged, discouraged, and anxious. This leads to math anxiety especially when the student sees test scores and grades go down. This anxiety is further exacerbated when new concepts overwhelm their understanding and they lose focus.
  • The other interest factor – Children struggling with maths will pour their interest and effort into other subjects like language, science, or art. It is not uncommon to see children excel and have high grades in most subjects but have low or failing grades in math.

Hire a private maths tutor

Parents are well-advised to hire a qualified private home maths tutor (especially from FamilyTutor, but more on this later). This ensures constant math learning for children while preventing or removing the math anxiety they are undergoing. This is helpful to children since even just an average of 3 hours of tutoring each week is enough to improve math skills.

How do maths tutors make maths learning more fun?

Visual aids and picture books

Visual learning using videos, visual aids, picture books, and colored charts will make children more interested in learning new concepts than just writing down numbers. Later on, the tutor can ask the child to create his or her visual aids to help them remember key concepts and terms.

Math games

Math games are a tried-and-proven method for bringing excitement to learning maths. Whether done one-to-one or even online with the child, math games will engage the student and align with any learning plan.

Using modern technology

Modern technology is here, so why not use it to broaden perspectives and give children new ways to engage with math as it is used in normal life situations. Tutors use apps that offer games, math puzzles, and even math quests or adventures that balance fun with skills-building challenges.

Using modeling and student names

An experienced maths tutor knows how to engage the student by using the student’s name and still stories to entice learning. For example, “Abigail, your mom bought 20 apples. Your dad took 2, your brother Jack ate one, and you brought 2 to school. How many apples are left?” Or something similar to this. This can also be enhanced by using visual aids or pictures, or the student can draw everything on a piece of paper. It’s all about relevancy in the students’ world and the real world.

Hiring a qualified maths tutor from FamilyTutor  

In Singapore, you don’t have to look far for a dependable math home tutor. FamilyTutor has got your children’s learning and parents’ confidence covered all the way.

  • We have the most family-oriented home tutors in Singapore! Just take a look at our online reviews and features on Channel 8 and Straits Times.
  • We have the highest level of satisfaction in Singapore.
  • We strictly adhere to MOE’s COVID-19 Safe Management Measures.
  • Our tutors are trained and experienced to provide specialized one-to-one maths lessons tailored to a specific student’s needs, weaknesses, and strengths.
  • All lessons are done in the comfort and safe environment of your home while the parents are around and discreetly observe.
  • Tutors use specialized maths learning materials and guides based on experience (to make math learning more fun!)

Looking for maths tutor in Singapore isn’t difficult. Just remember that your child’s future with maths will improve in leaps and bounds because of it.

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