Teaching Mathematics Online: How Technology Can Support Tutoring

How Technology Can Support Tutoring

Technology has come a long way in recent years. There are many tools available for tutoring mathematics online that can make the process easier and more efficient – making it possible for even the busiest people to still be able to help others learn maths. In this blog post, we will explore the four ways in which technology is improving how we teach maths online and the beneficial impact this can have on the learning experience of students.

1. Interactive environment

Teaching maths online can be a challenge. The tutor needs to create an environment that is engaging and interactive – making sure the student is working actively towards their goals, rather than passively receiving information. Technology has enabled tutors to create these kinds of learning environments in ways they never could before; using video chat tools like zoom or Google Meet, for example.

These platforms provide features like breakout rooms, screen sharing, live chats, and hand-raising to create a kind of virtual classroom so students feel comfortable and connected. There are also online apps that provide interactive whiteboards to help tutors and students collaborate and visualize mathematical concepts, which can be very helpful when trying to understand and explain certain types of problems.

2. Assessments and reports

Online reporting tools can provide a detailed insight into how your student is performing. The data that these platforms offer helps tutors to create appropriate interventions and give tailored feedback – leading to better overall results for the students they are teaching online, as well as more efficient teacher-student communication. In particular, if you need high school tutoring you should make sure they offer reports on things like time spent learning, grades achieved over different periods of time, and fluency of individual topics covered.

In addition to this kind of comprehensive assessment tool, many apps also come with tools specifically designed to assess mathematical concepts such as number properties and operations, fractions and decimals, etc., which can be very helpful when trying to identify any areas that need extra attention from the tutor.

3. Adaptive learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are making it possible for online maths tutoring to become more personalized than ever before. The technology is evolving so quickly, that there are already apps available that can assess a student’s ability in real-time – adapting the level of difficulty of lessons accordingly. This means students can get help at just the right moments and with the material they’re ready to learn about; ultimately improving overall engagement and achievement rates.

These kinds of technologies also allow you to understand how much time each student needs in order to stay engaged. This data is invaluable for an online maths tutor because it means they can plan lessons and class sizes much more effectively.

4. Gamification

It’s no surprise that students respond well to games and gamification in general. Games make learning feel like a fun, engaging activity that students want to participate in – which is why they are being used more frequently as part of the educational process these days.

Technology has been changing how we teach maths online for some time now; but new gaming platforms, like Prodigy, allow us to create immersive, interactive experiences where students can explore mathematical concepts, learn from their mistakes, and be guided by the tutor in a way that feels like playing a game. This is incredibly beneficial for students, particularly those who might struggle with traditional learning methods; and ultimately results in better grades and improved motivation to learn.

In closing

For many students, Mathematics is a challenging subject. We know that one of the best ways to learn this difficult topic is through interactive learning and gamified experiences. It’s not surprising then, that technology has been making waves in teaching Maths for years now. In fact, it can be argued that if you want your child to succeed at mathematics, online maths tutoring may be the way to go! That’s because when done well with support from an expert online tutor like those at Math Minds, students will gain access to instant feedback and reporting, adaptive personalized lessons, and an unprecedented level of interactivity and engagement. If you are looking for the best maths tutor Melbourne has to offer, be sure to get in touch with them today.

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