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Digital Food Delivery

People have nowadays adopted the use of smartphones to fulfill their every need. So numerous enterprises have shifted their ventures online to grab the advantage of such requirements. The businesses belonging to different market segments, such as taxi-sharing, bus ticket reservation, home servicing, food ordering, etc., have reported commendable growth. The food delivery sector has significantly risen in the past few years. Furthermore, the hyperlocal meal delivery market is set to observe a CAGR of 8.3% till 2032, which indicates the considerable demand for food-ordering apps worldwide. Especially in Middle Eastern countries, the preference for meal-ordering solutions such as Talabat, Careem, Deliveroo, Zomato, etc., has been bolstered to a significant level among users.

Talabat, among all of them, has topped the UAE’s food delivery market. It is a company founded in 2004, offering meal delivery services to its customers. With further progress over time, the firm expanded its business in a few countries. It is currently operating in 9 nations from the MENA region. Thus, by spreading its venture in these countries, Talabat maxed its revenue share in 2020, according to 2022 statistics. By paying attention to such progress in an organization, numerous startup owners are excited to create their own Talabat solution ready for their restaurant businesses. If you are a part of them, then you must follow the guide to receive a Talabat-like app and know the cost of creating it. Reading those sections will assist you in getting a Talabat-like platform for your venture.

So how can restaurant owners apply this to their business?

If you are inspired to build and launch your Talabat-similar solution, then the guide mentioned below will help to get you started.

Survey the food delivery market

Analyze the meal delivery sector to get an app helpful for your enterprise to stay afloat in the market. It includes:

  • Recognizing your competitors
  • Examining their applications
  • Knowing the tech stack utilized for building their solutions
  • Listing all the features they provide
  • Noting down several issues faced by users
  • Restaurant surveys of people’s preferences

Determine features

You might have figured out the particular set of specifications from all the information gathered by performing a market analysis. Finalize only those that are necessary for your enterprise and turn out to be helpful for users in meeting their needs efficiently. It will assist you in selecting the specific tech requirements to develop a food delivery platform for your business.

Decide the technology of development

Tech stack is a crucial element needed for building a platform similar to Talabat for your eatery business. It is because a particular set of features can be implemented in an application by selecting a specific technology. So, the tech stuff required for developing a food delivery app can be decided based on the predetermined attributes you want in a solution. For example, AWS for storing data in a database, Google API for delivery location, Stripe for payments, and various technologies for many other specifications like that to be integrated.

Know numerous Talabat-like platform providers & fix the budget

Now, when you have gained every minute detail for creating a solution similar to Talabat, pen down different names of firms offering such platforms. List only those who possess sufficient industry experience, have excellent client reviews, and have pleased numerous customers. After that, observe their pricing pages for building food delivery applications using various technologies. Analyze the prices of all the companies listed by you and set a budget accordingly.

Build a solution from an appropriate company

Finalize the specific technology partner to develop an app like Talabat for your restaurant business. Choose one that matches your set budget for creating it, and is capable of delivering a desirable solution meeting venture needs efficiently within a deadline assigned to them. Also, discuss the duration of free post-launch support to be provided by them. 

Launch and market

Once when you get an application similar to Talabat, you need to test it by executing functionalities in different conditions. Check the type of outputs you receive, get the errors corrected from a specific firm if any, and then launch it in the market.

Perform email marketing campaigns and send emails via your newsletter tools. You should also upload infographics, display events organized, and advertise deals/discounts/offers provided by you. It’s also important to share various information regarding your food delivery venture on social media platforms. This will assist you in acquiring a massive user base on your platform. Nowadays the majority of smartphone users spend most of their time on such applications.

Cost to build a food delivery app

You might have received a precise idea from the guidelines to get a platform like Talabat developed to satisfy the significant demand for Talabat among users across the globe, which is denoted by specific figures. Now, how much it costs and several other factors that need to be considered for reducing the development fees of IT companies

Total number of developers occupied for the development

The cost to build a similar app is totally dependent on the number of programmers involved by a particular company. It’s based on the level of your app’s complexity, which is decided by the number of attributes to be implemented using a specific tech stack. A firm needs to pay a salary to the number of coders, which results in an increase/decrease in prices for creating it.

Designing an application

Design plays a significant role in determining the cost of developing an application. It is because the coders need to prepare a seamless user interface that helps in enriching the user experience. Graphic designers should design the interface so that the platform users can easily understand the flow and functionality of the solution along with the attributes being integrated by coders in a specific design. It becomes challenging for developers to implement the features in an app’s design, raising the cost of making it.

Location of the developers

Last but not least, the cost to build a food delivery platform similar to Talabat is based on the specific region where a development team is situated. The charges of coders for performing all the above-discussed tasks may vary just due to their geographic location. Particular technologies charge subscription fees from developers for accessing its premium service consisting of specific functionality in some countries, and the programmers also need to pay charges for hosting a platform like Talabat from their residing location. So the costs of creating a Talabat-similar platform based on different nations are described in the table mentioned below:


Countries Developer’s Cost Per Hour(In USD)
UAE $25 – $45
USA $30 – $40
India $20 – $32
Mexico $25 – $35
Netherlands $35 – $50
Canada $30 – $55


However, the cost to build a Talabat-like food delivery solution is affected by many other aspects apart from those mentioned above. So, as a startup owner, you need to develop a Talabat-like platform by paying the costs based on such factors.

Summing up

By observing this need for Talabat among users in the Middle Eastern region, the company earns a massive income by gathering a significant audience on its application. Therefore, numerous entrepreneurs are willing to achieve a commendable position in the food delivery market by developing a Talabat-like solution. As a startup owner, if you are eager to create an app similar to Talabat, then a guide and cost for the same are mentioned in this post. They will assist you in getting an effective Talabat-like food delivery platform built for your enterprise.

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