LoRa Wireless Keeps the Water and Wastewater System Safe

Water wastage is a common problem worldwide, and trillions of gallons of water are wasted each year. Major causes of water wastage are leaks in faucets, irrigation systems, toilets, and other household plumbing fixtures. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 900 billion gallons of water are wasted annually due to household leaks. 

Some people ignore minor leaks, but they don’t know these little cracks in equipment or defective parts can lead to a significant amount of water wastage. The worst thing is most of this water goes unnoticed by home or business owners. Water wastage increases utility bills, and at the same time, it’s an environmentally unfriendly condition. 

But the question is, is there any way to keep water and wastewater systems safe? Water flow sensors can help monitor and prevent water leaks and create a massive difference in energy savings and utility bills. 


Is It Possible to Identify Problems Manually? 

It’s impossible to identify where a leak is occurring without inspecting all aspects of plumbing in your home. But if water meters are installed in your plumbing system, then it can give you telltale signs. Analyze your water meter when no water is being used. The water flow indicator in these meters can help detect even the smallest water flow. 

When you see movement on the water meter and no water is being used, it means a water leak is occurring somewhere. Some issues can be fixed easily, but others are complex and require professional assistance. But for a common person, it’s not easy to identify the problematic area without knowing the obvious signs like dripping. 

When advanced technologies are available, why would you follow the lengthy process of identifying leaks and repair? LoRa Wireless technology and water flow sensors can quickly find and fix water leaks. As a result, it eliminates water wastage. 


How Does LoRa Wireless Keep Water and Wastewater Systems Safe?

Internet of Things and LoRaWAN can be used together to identify and fix various types of waste. One of the most common applications of LoRaWAN is in water flow monitoring devices. LoRa Wireless is a modern solution for wastewater system management. 

  • LoRaWAN allows battery-operated devices to connect wirelessly to the internet. 
  • IoT provides a network so that devices can be connected together and ensure real-time data transmission without human involvement. 
  • These connected devices can check for leak and waste problems at home and provide regular information so that the problem can be fixed at an early stage. 
  • These technologies don’t only help reduce water waste and minimize utility bills but also reduce labor costs. 

Why Are LoRa Devices and LoRaWAN Best Options for the Wastewater Industry? 

LoRa technology has many use cases, and it’s an effective technology for the wastewater industry as well. LoRa devices and LoRaWAN solutions can measure utility usage data undergrounds, in dense urban environments, and indoors. 

Along with home and property owners, metering and utility companies are also using IoT technology to decrease waste, improve service, minimize carbon footprint, and increase efficiency. IoT applications are impacting water, gas, and electrical utilities significantly. 

Utility companies can use smart metering infrastructure that consists of LoRa gateways, LoRaWAN, and sensors to collect data. Moreover, using LoRaWAN for utilities and metering helps them streamline operations and reduce costs. 

Large municipal utility providers and customers can use these modern solutions to identify issues in the water distribution network. Moreover, it helps to keep the water and wastewater system safe. 

How Does LoRa Wireless Technology Empower the IoT?

LoRa technology can help track crucial data and make complex analytics look simple. Moreover, it has made data collection and analysis affordable. Private and public networks use this technology because it provides greater coverage than other cellular networks. More importantly, it can be easily plugged into the existing infrastructure and is a perfect technology for battery-operated devices. 

LoRa technology is the first choice for smart utility monitoring solutions like water. LoRa-based smart meters are widely used and preferred because they can easily fit into large compound solutions. Moreover, water meter sensors equipped with LoRa technology can fit directly into the same LoRa-based network. They connect with sensors via LoRa-equipped gateways. 

It’s a perfect technology for safety and efficiency. It allows homeowners and property managers to monitor complications remotely because they can access real-time data. As a result, it significantly reduces the need for regular checkups and maintenance and improves efficiency. 

What to Consider When Choosing Water Flow Monitoring Devices?

When considering LoRaWAN water flow monitoring sensors, ensure that it suits your business or property needs. Moreover, the sensor should be equipped with LoRaWAN technology. There are various LoRaWAN water flow measuring sensors available in the market.

These advanced solutions don’t only provide hourly, weekly, and daily water consumption. But they also send water flow readings at regular intervals. Moreover, these devices detect anomalies in water flow status. Property owners get notified if there is any issue so that they can take timely action. 

Generally, these devices are temperature and water-resistant, so they are perfect for use in both outdoor and indoor conditions. Like other LoRa-based devices, they’re battery-powered and can be used for almost 10 years. Use cases of these sensors are numerous. It depends on you for which purpose you want to use them. 


Nobody can deny the importance of LoRa-based devices and LoRaWAN in this modern era. In this article, we have discussed how this smart technology is playing its part in keeping water and wastewater in utility systems safe. Moreover, we have discussed the benefits of using this technology. So if you have a utility company or need help with private solutions for water leak detection, you can contact Arshon Technology

Arshon Technology has a good background in LoRa design services. We can help design LoRa sensors for water flow and leak detection. As a result, it can help you reduce water wastage, utility bills, and carbon footprint. 

Author: Sara (Fakhri) Siahkar IoT Specialist @ Arshon Technology Inc.

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