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Reasons to Invest in a PVC Liner for Your Storage Tank

Looking to store and protect your fuel and oil? Looking to make sure it stays that way? Maybe you’re maintaining an old tank, but you’re researching replacing it. You might be considering switching to PVC tank liners.

There are many benefits to having a PVC liner for your storage tank. But what are they? Read along to learn more!

1. Reliable

It is breathable, allowing gas and moisture to dissipate. It is flexible, so it can be accommodated to fit any size or shape of your tank. 

This is extremely puncture resistant, so even during accidental collisions, the tank will remain safe. It is also lightweight and easy to install and install. Its durability and strength make the liner for your storage tank care a reliable choice for anyone looking to protect their assets.

2. Low Repair and Replacement Cost

This requires virtually no welding, as it can be formed and fitted around the walls of the storage tank. This reduces the total cost of set-up and installation, as well as the risk of installation-related damage to the tank itself.

Further, the cost of repair and replacement is much lower due to the relatively soft nature of PVC, meaning that it is easy to patch up small holes or reseal any minor defects. 

3. Corrosion-Resistant

They have a corrosion-resistant low-density outer surface which creates a barrier between the steel tank and the stored contents. This protects the contents from corrosion caused by exposure to water, oil, and other liquids.

Additionally, this has a tighter fit than many other kinds of liners due to its highly adaptable fabric that wraps closely and evenly around the entire tank. Also, the thickness of the PVC liner provides a higher degree of protection, as thicker tank liners are much more resistant to corrosion. 

4. Non-Toxic

They are a great solution for storing liquid and other liquids safely without any of the risks associated with plastic and metal tanks. It is made with pure, non-toxic chlorinated vinyl that has been tested and certified to meet US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) standards for food and water safety, ensuring it will not leach any chemicals or toxins into your stored material.

These protect against UV rays, corrosion, and any other environmental factors that may cause degradation in your tank material and are available in a range of thicknesses, helping you store all types of material from fuel and chemical storage to wine and food safety.

5. Provide a Key Safety Measure

It helps reduce the risk of rust and corrosion that can occur with steel tanks. A PVC helps protect stored goods from physical damage as it creates a barrier between stored goods and the tank floor.

Additionally, a liner helps protect the environment by preventing any potential pollutants from entering the wastewater system. Amongst its other benefits, PVC for storage tanks is a key safety measure for any home or business.

Use a PVC Liner Today

Investing in a PVC liner for your storage tank is a wise and cost-effective choice for any type of home or business. The savings in repair and replacement costs can more than offset the relatively low installation costs of the liner.

Now is the time to invest and reap the rewards of reliable and long-lasting storage tank protection. Contact a local shop today to explore the options available to you!

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