Looking For the Perfect E-Bike for Christmas? Fiido Has You Covered.

Fiido E-Bikes for Christmas

The urban personal transportation mode is changing. Climate change awareness coupled with rising fuel costs and health concerns have led to the e-bike market boom. Fiido is an e-bike manufacturer that caters to this category with its vast collection of e-bikes that offer quality, range and the perfect single seater transportation.

Fiido D3 Pro Mini

Fiido D3 E-bike

The best deal for an e-bike under $500, the promotional price tag is the best value for money. Targeted at the urban youth for a cheap alternative to go to school or work without ending up sweaty, the Fiido D3 Pro Mini is small yet powerful.

At first glance, the specs may not look so impressive. A 280Wh battery mated with a single gear pedal chain drive that goes as high as 25KM/h with a range of 60km max. However, when you consider that the bike is a mini version designed for people who want to commute from point A to point B in an economical manner, the D3 Pro Mini is a great fit.

Extendable handle and seat makes it a versatile e-bike for everyone. Anyone from 5 feet to 6.5 feet height can easily ride this to their workplace or school. The lightweight aluminum frame means the D3 Pro mini bike weighs less than 18KGs, allowing for easy storage and carrying.

With the current promotion, the e-bike has an impressive $499 tag and can be ordered from the Fiido website for worldwide shipping.

The Fiido L3

Fiido L3 Long Range ebike

If range is something that you desire in your city travels, the Fiido L3 offers you the great quality and ride that you expect, with a whopping 128KM range on a single charge. Looking for more range? Use the pedal assist in conjunction with the battery to go as far as 200KM!

This is achieved with its powerful 1100Wh+ battery paired with 350W brushless motor, letting you traverse all urban terrains, hills and flat roads alike. The high gear ratio means you enjoy the bike riding experience, even if the motor is not assisting. The 800 high-cycle battery is designed to last years.

Like all top Fiido e-bikes, the L3 has adjustable seat and handle height. The perfect one-size-fits-all, almost anyone can enjoy the pleasure of moving around in an ergonomically comfortable position.

Making it comfortable doesn’t mean there is any compromise on the looks.  The bike retains its urban and iconic frame design, giving it a lean and clean look. The L3 has the added advantage of being foldable. This makes it easy to store, even in the tightest of places.

Originally tagged at $1,000 the Fiido L3 Long Range Bike can be had for under $800 with the current promotion.

Fiido X Folding Bike.

Folding E-Bike

The ultimate in e-bikes, the Fiido X Folding Bike is the culmination of design, aesthetics and practicality. Ready to ride right out of the box, the bike comes pre-assembled and only requires you to screw in the pedals.

Available in two trims, the Fiido X comes with an economical 250W motor or a powerful 350W one. Both versions come with the same 400+Wh battery by DMEGC. The battery can be cycled 800 times before needing replacement (easily available through Fiido).

A throttle free system, the e-bike uses a torque sensor that matches your pedaling efforts to deliver the right amount of power to the rear wheel in a smooth manner. With no throttle, the bike is also compatible with city regulations where throttle assist bikes are not allowed or require a formal registration.

Depending on the model, the X comes with a range of 110 to 130 KM on a single charge. The DMEGC battery housed under the seat is easily removable, allowing you to instantly swap with an extra pack to keep riding.

Other features include a 7-gear Shimano setup and a security code lock that cuts off power to the motor.

Originally priced at $1800, the Fiido X Folding Electric Bike can be had for a promotional price of just $1600.

About Fiido

Founded in 2017, the Fiido D series of electric bikes caught the attention of the public and put the company on the map. In less than a year, the Fiido was servicing countries in Americas, Europe and SouthEast Asia, with annual production topping 100,000.

Built by a team of e-bike enthusiasts, the company excels in two-wheeler electric technology, including regular e-bikes and e-scooters.

Two models, the D11 and the X were launched with crowdfunding on IndieGoGo. The model X is the first e-bike on the crowdfunding platform to cross the $1 million funding and is the most discussed e-bike on IGG in 2021.

The commitment to quality and excellence of Fiido is evident from the 350,000+ sales and the various awards it has received, including Golden Pin Design Award, iF Product Design Award and A’Design Award.

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