LogMeIn Central Vs. ScreenConnect

Remote desktop management tools have become invaluable for businesses and individuals. They allow seamless access to computers and networks from anywhere. Two popular choices are LogMeIn Central and ScreenConnect. 

This post will compare these two platforms to help you decide which one best suits your needs. By comparing LogMeIn Central to ScreenConnect Access, we aim to highlight their features, ease of use, and overall performance. Ultimately, choosing the right tool depends on your specific requirements and preferences.

I. Overview of LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn Central is a feature-rich remote access tool designed for businesses. It offers secure remote control capabilities and additional functionalities such as file transfers and remote printing. The central administration dashboard simplifies managing multiple devices and users, making it ideal for organizations with dispersed networks.

LogMeIn Central’s user interface is intuitive, making it easy to navigate through various features. With its robust security measures, such as multi-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, businesses can trust that their data is in safe hands while using the tool.

II. Key Features of ScreenConnect

ScreenConnect is another popular remote desktop management solution known for its simplicity, reliability, and affordability. Unlike other tools that depend on third-party servers for connection establishment, ScreenConnect allows direct connections between client and host machines without compromising on security.

One standout feature of ScreenConnect is its cross-platform compatibility; it works seamlessly on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. Moreover, it supports multiple concurrent sessions across different operating systems.

III. Performance and User Experience

  1. a) LogMeIn Central: One area where LogMeIn Central excels is performance stability. Users can expect a consistently smooth experience even when accessing devices remotely over slower connections. Its strong optimization ensures efficient use of bandwidth while delivering a fast response time.
  2. b) ScreenConnect: ScreenConnect prioritizes performance by leveraging optimized streaming technology during remote sessions. The platform reduces latency issues commonly associated with real-time video feeds or graphic-intensive applications. ScreenConnect’s approach and smart bandwidth usage ensure a reliable and seamless experience for end-users.

IV. Security

Businesses looking to implement remote desktop management tools have legitimate concerns about security. LogMeIn Central and ScreenConnect know this need and implement robust measures.

In terms of security, LogMeIn Central requires users to create unique credentials for their sessions, supporting multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection. It also boasts rigorous encryption protocols to safeguard data in motion.

Similarly, ScreenConnect understands the importance of secure connections through its use of 256-bit AES encryption and SSL certificates. These layers ensure confidentiality and integrity during remote sessions’ data transfer, mitigating potential security risks.

V. Pricing Models

  1. a) LogMeIn Central: LogMeIn Central offers various pricing plans designed to cater to business needs differently. The plans take into account factors like the number of users and the level of access necessary, ensuring that businesses only pay for what they require. However, it is worth noting that some organizations find LogMeIn Central’s pricing relatively higher compared to alternatives when scaling up.
  2. b) ScreenConnect: As mentioned earlier, affordability is one factor that makes ScreenConnect attractive to businesses and individuals alike. With flexible pricing models based on concurrent technicians rather than individual seats or devices, ScreenConnect enables businesses to adapt their subscriptions according to their economic requirements.

VI. Customer Support

Having reliable customer support when using remote desktop management tools can make a significant difference during critical moments. Both LogMeIn Central and ScreenConnect acknowledge this necessity by offering various forms of support:

  1. a) LogMeIn Central: It offers phone support during business hours, 24/7 live chat assistance—a great advantage for global organizations operating across different time zones—and an extensive knowledge base.
  2. b) ScreenConnect: Users can depend on technical support through various channels, such as email tickets and live chat. ScreenConnect also has an active community forum where users can find solutions to common issues through shared experiences.


LogMeIn Central and ScreenConnect are both reliable remote desktop management tools that enable efficient access to computers and networks from anywhere. Each platform offers key features suited for different user requirements and budgets. By understanding the unique strengths of these tools in terms of performance, security, pricing, and customer support, individuals and businesses can make informed decisions about which option works best for them. Regardless of the choice, LogMeIn Central and ScreenConnect offer valuable solutions that empower users to manage remote desktop connections seamlessly.


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